Leon Koziol Offered Publishing Contract: Voyage to Armageddon Coming Soon


After years of research, editing and marketing, civil rights advocate Leon Koziol (See Author Page) will release a thriller novel entitled Voyage to Armageddon on the subject of nuclear terrorism. It could not be more timely in light of President Obama’s recent statements in Europe regarding homeland security. A front page photo in the March 26, 2014 edition of New York Daily News features the kind of nuclear blast envisioned by the Obama administration at the hands of terrorists. Koziol goes much further to show how a surprise strike could be made by a home grown network exploiting boats and waterways as opposed to planes and roadways. As he explains it:

“There is a serious dysfunction in homeland security initiatives which is increasing the likelihood of a terrorist strike. When a teen adventurer can scale the steps of the new World Trade Center undetected while joy riders are parachuting from its top floors, the public has a right to be very alarmed. Millions of tax dollars have been poured into a Securing the Cities nuclear detection program which cannot detect a loose nuke or dirty bomb in a tungsten or lead sealed container. Radiation sensors distributed to the NYPD have been derailed by false alarms caused by other sources in a city of nearly eight million actual residents. The civilian population must therefore be elicited as a detection resource much like neighborhood watch. My novel shows how this can be achieved.”

Voyage to Armageddon describes how a terrorist nuclear strike could occur based on real life experiences and information which authorities would prefer to suppress. However, the novel is designed to reach a broader segment of readers in its use of adventure, romance and humor exhibited by a group of women engaged in a sailing adventure on the Great Lakes and waterways of the northeast. Unwittingly they come across a terrorist plot focused on port cities of the east coast and Canada. With the assistance of guys they meet during their port excursions, a final showdown occurs in our nation’s capital. Segments of the novel are provided here.

You can order this book at lulu.com an on-line bookstore with distribution worldwide through Barnes and Noble, Amazon.com and other booksellers. A contract offer for Koziol’s novel was made recently by a reputable publisher in California after an extensive review of the book manuscript completed three months ago. However, no immediate commitments have been made pending the results of the current marketing program through Lulu Publishing. Mr. Koziol is now engaged in a second non-fiction book focused upon his experiences in parental advocacy over the years. It promises to be a true life, John Grisham-type, literary project featuring many supporters and family court victims discovered through his site, Leon Koziol.com.

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