After Meeting Joe Sorge and Dr. Drew in New York, Leon Koziol Asks all Parents to Promote Divorce Corp Movie

It was a phenomenal production if you have not seen it yet. Joe Sorge and Candor Entertainment released a movie entitled Divorce Corp depicting the real world of divorce in America today. It showed in convincing fashion how parents are fleeced of their assets and hard earnings with children left behind as the victims of lawyer greed and systemic abuses. In so many ways it reflected the message delivered on this site time and again over the years.

Very little of the movie script was new to the followers of Leon and Parenting Rights Institute. However, it took our joint ordeals to a whole new level while providing all of us with an unprecedented opportunity to swell the ranks of supporters behind our cause. We encourage everyone to download this movie, less than $5 in cost, and promote it far and wide. You will find the documentary enlightening, compelling and provocative.

Hopefully, Joe and his associates will continue their endeavors behind one of the most worthy civil rights causes of our time. A panel discussion and lobbying effort is planned this November in Washington D.C. Please register your support as we unite to preserve our constitutionally protected parenting rights against further encroachments by the state. As Glen Sacks eloquently summarized in this film, we may look back one day and be amazed at the barbaric manner in which our government once treated divorce and families in these courts.

In the meantime, it is important to achieve reform where we can, one case at a time. To this end we continue to urge all parents contemplating divorce or a Family Court battle to purchase our PRI Court Program. This program can also navigate you through proceedings with self representation components, sample court forms and real life experiences. It can save you years of grief and thousands of dollars in court costs. Check it out at

2 thoughts on “After Meeting Joe Sorge and Dr. Drew in New York, Leon Koziol Asks all Parents to Promote Divorce Corp Movie

  1. Diane Gochin

    I just noticed this Leon.. I spoke in Greenwich village and met Joe also..I am glad you got in touch with him. I am running a campaign for congress based on court reform. Please visit this site:

    He is on the ballot for the general election in November

    We have very little funding.. but if Andy does get into Congress.. this will be a boon for the whole movement to do something about this oligarchy that has taken over the country- based in the courts in collusion with the banks.

    The problem is of the thousands I have had pleas for help from over the last five years- just continue to whine and do not contribute. They just beg for free legal help.



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