On July 29, 2014, parental advocate, Dr. Leon R. Koziol, filed a civil rights lawsuit against state judges and ethics investigators for unlawful censorship directed to his website, organizing activity and testimony before the New York (Moreland) Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University on September 17, 2013 (Constitution Day) (excerpt from Memo of Law). Mr. Koziol has appeared on CBS 60 Minutes, front page of the New York Times, CNN and numerous internet news sources in connection with parenting rights, First Amendment issues and Native American land claims.

 After 23 years as a highly successful and unblemished civil rights attorney, Mr. Koziol was subjected to extraordinary retributions when he began focusing his criticisms and reform efforts upon widespread abuses in New York’s domestic relations courts. At the Moreland Commission, he asked for an investigation into retaliatory suspensions of his law license due to contrived ethics charges and a protracted license reinstatement process (His eye-opening presentation can be viewed at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark). Ethics lawyers engaged in this process declared in court that they would continue opposing Koziol’s reinstatement so long as his offensive website postings and court filings continued. Weeks later they were fired for falsifying time sheets.

Also in his testimony, Koziol recommended that the state Commission on Judicial Conduct be disbanded due to its ineffectiveness, selectivity and “window-dressing” effects. In March, 2014, the reverse occurred, and on April 8, 2014, the Committee on Professional Standards in Albany issued a confidential report opposing Koziol’s reinstatement to his former civil rights practice. In that report, seven website postings (Post1) (Post2) (Post3) (Post4) (Post5) (Post6) (Post7) were targeted for “fitness” reasons, including the entire Moreland Commission testimony appended to the report. Retributions were also exacted upon his parent-child relationships by Family Court judges including one on his custody case who was disqualified in 2011 and removed from the bench in 2013 for sexual misconduct upon his handicapped five year old niece (In re Bryan Hedges).

Also: See New York Times Bombshell Report on the now Disbanded Moreland Commission Dated July 23, 2014 (Click Here)

Mr. Koziol can be reached at (315) 796-4000


  1. Thank you for continuing the battle of exposing this evil corruption Leon. You are a hero and a superstar in the battle against the #1 problem this country has today.

    Research shows that well over 50% of all social problems are now proven to be caused by the award of sole custody to one parent by family court judges when we have known for over 20 years that “Sole Custody is Child Abuse”. These skyrockting problems include teen suicide, teen pregnancy, drug usage, crime, gang violence, cutting, incarceration and even over 50% of all mental health issues. These judges are the most prolific child abusers on the planet – that is a fact, as they separate thosuands of children from one parent in just a year or two.

    As an attorney you have a hundred times the impact and credibility of a persecuted parent (90% dads) when clearly the system is an unconstitutional, organized kidnapping and extortion ring for profit, not a court of law. By any standard it is RICO, fraud, conspiracy and anti-trust – only it is hidden and protected by lawyers and judges and ignored by the media (who need access to the judiciary). That is because this damage generates around $100 billion annually in combined legal fees and Title IV-D kickbacks to state judicial systems from child support awards.

    Watch these videos to learn more:
    The full story on family court conflicts of interest here:
    See here for the same story told by a 16 year old girl who figured it out all by herself.

    Divorce Corp The Expose This new documentary, “Divorce Corp” narrated by Dr. Drew, is also available at

    Other resources: – Over 1,200 pages of information for parents trapped in the broken and corrupt divorce industry – The results of decades of research on what is really best for children and an evidence kit you can use to win equal custody in court.

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