And here it is. The burdens are explained in a short documentary interview by a national independent film maker (click here) and the solution is provided by the interviewed Family Court expert, Dr. Leon R. Koziol (click here). This long awaited solution could save you a life’s savings in court costs. The burdens begin when parents are enticed by lawyers to do battle with a moderate advance retainer. But as time goes on, they get you fighting like never imagined. They dupe you into believing that more money will cure the drama which they actually cultivate.

It is high time we parents became serious about the lucrative Family Court industry. We need to focus on timely and lasting solutions, case-by-case, even if it means resorting to non-traditional options such as mediation and unconnected problem-solvers. Lawyers will tell you that costly court processes are in the best interests of your children, yet time and again those same children are abused more by the system that was supposed to protect them. Countless innocent children are deprived of a parent, a better life or college education because of exorbitant litigation fees.

Common sense dictates that parents have finite resources when they seek justice and resolution in these courts. Yet aggravated controversy is promoted to benefit lawyers and evaluators even if it means depleting those combined resources to zero. Parents, children, extended family and their income productivity are irrevocably harmed. Lawyers can get you fighting like fools and make you actually believe that you are doing this all for your children’s sake. Money will dry up at an alarming pace with tremendous emotional damage to those children in the end. Like a giant black hole, your hard earnings are swallowed up on mere words, any argument which could show that mom or dad is abusing the other when the reality may be that third parties are exploiting both.

How much longer will parents fail to recognize or remedy this growing crisis? If you are one such victim, you should review the links offered here. It will cost you nothing to do so. And if you know of someone thinking about a court battle, or already consumed by it, you would be doing this person a great favor by sharing the program offered as the solution. Over a period of years, it was developed to explain how this court system really works, with transcripts, court forms, self representation manual and a DVD lecture. This is your life and your children, and you need to be better prepared by one who has no stake in the escalating fee process.

This program does not come from an academician or apprentice. It comes from a person with more than a quarter century of litigation experience in these courts. Parental advocate, Dr. Leon R. Koziol, has produced a real solution after failing to get long overdue reform from his own profession. As a lawyer with more than two decades of unblemished practice, he was targeted and suppressed, leaving no means for continuing his reform efforts (Click Here). This program is the result. The Parenting Rights Institute was formed to help parents avoid costly litigation or manage it better if court is unavoidable. Divorce or separated child rearing does not have to become a costly public spectacle. Call the offices of Parenting Rights Institute today at (315) 380-3420.

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