D.C. Family Law Reform Conference a Huge Success

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Koziol Draws Standing Ovation

Family reform advocates from most of the 50 states converged upon our nation’s capital to relieve parents, children and families of the abuses inflicted in state domestic relations courts. Experts included lawyers, retired judges, educators, psychologists, university professionals and parental advocates with a total turnout estimated between 500-1000. Stay tuned for the major public stand which civil rights advocate Leon Koziol will take in the coming weeks to bring long overdue attention to the issues raised by the many fine attendees at the conference.

6 thoughts on “D.C. Family Law Reform Conference a Huge Success

  1. The beginning of the end is here I believe. Lots of work to be done.
    The industry is clearly starting to disintegrate, though they are too arrognat to see that inside it. The scandal will set fire as soon as people figure out a few simple things:
    1) Sole custody is proven to be child abuse – See here: http://fathersunite.org/statistics_on_fatherlessnes.html and http://www.BestInterestOfChildren.org

    2) Judges in many states award sexist, unconstitutional (14th Amendment and termination of parental rights without clear and convincing evidence and strict scrutiny) sole custody 90% of the time

    3) The judicial system profits from billions annually in federal funding kickbacks through Title IV-D which is a violation of judicial canons and ethics in itself.

    4) Lawyer lead you to slaughter to generate legal fees of $78,000 average for an unnecessary “service” which permantly damages child-parent relationships millions of times a year.

  2. Ray Brew

    Dear Leon Koziol, I look forward to all your good work. Be very aware that my former has driven me fully out of my child’s life with her pure sick lies, ExParte last name change, child abuse and alienation (all well known to you, of course). She has in writing threatened my life 4 times and 4 different ways and because I am indigent at this point (major medical issues almost killed me 2 times in 2013 (I was taken to a few hours from death) and it is all because of her attorney the law clerk of our judge and a bunch more acts. NOW because of all this and her 50% extortion of me the NY organizations are fully denying me all benefits based on GROSS INCOME concepts to help me to stay alive. I have 5-6 months in an IRA and then the extortion puts me in the gutter and I bet murdered because I will not have enough to exist on.. See the state organizations just say “WE ARE FOLLOWING THE LAW” for Gross Income but they sure are violating attempts to take a life. I thought attempt to murder is against the law by anyone? Russell Brust

  3. How do I stop the abuse by Family Law in NJ and now in NY. They are literally denying me every legal, civil, Constitutional right as well as criminal protection. The state of NY will not help me with Medicaid, Food, housing, jobs (within my medical ability – I’m on SSD), electric costs, legal, parental and more. My child has been 100% kept from me by X and her bought judge and his law clerk (her attorney). I am now losing my life, broke and they continue to threaten and do things to end my life.
    Russell Brust

  4. Yes it was GREAT and good to see you again Leon. Our fight will continue, our efforts will get stronger an we the people will prevail
    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

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