Parental advocate Leon Koziol has been in Paris this past week seeking protections for his reform efforts under United Nations treaties and protocols applicable to free speech and parenting rights. His ordeal is well known in New York courts but state retributions for his public criticisms, whistle blower activity and long overdue reform efforts peaked in recent months with threats of arrest from a Family Court judge and inquiries opened by a state lawyer panel in Albany.

In family court, the state has exploited Leon’s children to suppress his criticisms without any finding of unfit parenting. In the state’s capital, ethics lawyers have threatened contempt citations to censor the same criticisms. Although the originating ethics lawyers were discharged last year for ethical misconduct, their replacements have continued to target Leon’s speech, including a 2014 documentary interview by Divorce Corp, a 2010 civil rights forum and other opinions given to news organizations over the years. (Click Here to Watch)

Ongoing persecutions necessitated his trip to Paris where he hopes to collaborate with other human rights groups on a common cause to promote liberty. When contacted today, Leon stated that he has met with Paris news reporters and international agencies to shed greater light upon a serious travesty occurring to parents, children and families in America’s domestic relations courts:

“The people here have been very accommodating and sympathetic to family interests. From the cafés to the local pubs, their stories are similar: a member of the French Foreign Legion denied access to his family in South Africa, two women lawyers from Belgium and England looking to reform family injustices and tourists from all parts of the world concerned that our basic human rights are eroding. The weather has cooperated on my office visits throughout this vast city. It’s been sunny, fifties and October-like with a lot of things to see and do. Paris is so beautiful during the holiday season.”

Leon has been distributing copies of an extraordinary mandamus petition prepared for a federal appeals court in Manhattan. It was filed hours before his flight to Europe after eight years of growing abuses that defy the American conscience.

Although it sounds like an Edward Snowden scenario, Leon has never been accused of any crimes. He has only sought protections for free speech, equal rights for fathers and an end to lucrative abuses of our families and children in these courts. To make such missions a success, however, he requires extensive financial support. So we ask all of you to donate on this site. Leon has sacrificed everything for our joint cause. Now we need to do our part. Please help us get this message out, for the sake of your children and families if nothing else. Leon’s ordeal is summarized in his petition, a truly fascinating read. (Click Here to Read)


  1. This is awesome Leon.. I have gone to the PA Supreme court and Federal courts, for the expansion of my divorce into its seventh year.. with Judge Kelly C. Wall having facilitated the theft of my entire marital estate with the opposing attorney, Randee Feldman. I have the only case in the history of Pennsylvania against an opposing attorney- (Feldman) to have gotten past Preliminary Objections. On December 17th, 2014- there is a hearing for sanctions against her in Montgomery County Courthouse. It would be great to have some court watchers attend. Good Luck – Leon!

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