It’s a question many of us have asked considering all the retributions inflicted upon civil rights advocate Leon Koziol for his defense of fathers and abused parents in America’s domestic relations courts. For the past two weeks, Leon has been seeking support from international human rights agencies in Paris behind our cause here in the states. This is our third in a series out of Europe informing followers of his progress. Nearby, in Denmark, Joe Sorge is supporting the same cause with the production of his  next documentary film.

In recent days we’ve seen accolades given to Edward Snowden for his whistle blowing activities regarding NSA spying on the American public for political and other non-defense reasons. Similarly Leon has been whistle blowing and seeking accountability for misconduct in our divorce and family courts which has harmed our children and families. For that he has been singled out and abused. Details are provided in a mandamus petition filed with a federal appeals court in Manhattan only hours before his flight to Paris.      

Leon may well be on the right track. The exploitation of parents, children and extended families by lawyers and state agents is in reality a human rights violation although the beneficiaries would not have you seeing it that way. Good moms and dads are routinely marginalized and even deprived of their child rearing rights every day in order to service a lucrative and ever expanding system that benefits from orchestrated controversy, fees, support interest and federal performance grants.                               

It’s becoming an epidemic problem here in America. Family court operations are increasingly defined by the money they generate than they are about the children. So powerful is the money that Leon was targeted for his law license and children through orchestrated claims after nearly a quarter century of unblemished practice.

Countless fathers are becoming alienated from their children and ultimately homeless through this ever abusing system of child control. No donations have emerged to assist us in this cause in many months. As a result Leon will have an important decision to make in Paris. We wish him the best whatever that decision may be.



Above: Leon outside the Paris Louvre Museum. Below: a homeless father reflecting a growing epidemic


  1. Abuse of parents by our family courts and the professionals that run them has to stop. The damages to the children, who will someday be running this world, cannot be understated. We are heading into an era where the majority of people come from divorced families and many of those are high conflict divorced families with a narcissistic psychopathic/sociopathic parent who cannot control their anger, hated, rage and other off balance emotions. These parents pass this warped mentality and life view onto their children. It is a well known fact that many of the political powers to be were narcissists. So in effect, what the courts and professionals are allowing to happen in our family courts is to breed more dysfunctional, rage, hate-filled children who will someday run this world. World War III is not far off if this comes to fruition.

  2. Let me further explain those narcissistic political powers: Hitler, Stallon, BinLaden, Jim Jones, and so on. Anyone who believes they are above the law. Anyone who believes they are better than everyone else. Anyone who believes they must have total control. These are what our courts and the professionals are turning our children from these warped parents into.

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