This is my first post thanks to a crash course by my site administrator. Over the years he has remained loyal to our cause for exposing public corruption and securing overdue reform in our nation’s domestic relations courts. Earlier drafts had to be repaired but I think I got it down finally. He will continue to post on occasion while remaining anonymous due to retributions witnessed upon me. And now you see how government suppression works. It causes us to fear being American. Corruption flourishes as a result.

Before unveiling our next initiative, it would only be proper during the holiday season to thank the few people who stood by me over the years as the state put me through an unprecedented ordeal for my public criticisms, complaints and whistle blower activity. You know who you are and I remain eternally grateful. Having just returned from Paris on a quest to make parenting deprivations an international human rights violation, it occurred to me that my efforts here could be advanced by home exchange arrangements of the kind I first observed in a blockbuster movie.

You probably know the one which triggered my brainstorm on the long flight. In the Holiday, four victims of dysfunctional relationships come together through an overseas home swap between two career women resulting in fateful meetings and genuine relationships. Within days of my return I listed my own home on an exchange site which has been in the business since 1959. Already I am making progress for a month stay in southern California where family court issues have become a firestorm.  In fact, I received a substantial donation there.

Many of you are suffering similar ordeals involving parent-child deprivations which have no doubt ruined your holidays. You must not allow your persecutors, whoever they might be, to succeed. Life is too short to find yourself alone or depressed. Long distance collaboration with fellow victims may be your ideal remedy especially in the age of internet and electronic devices. That’s why I am seeking to meet with parent groups on the other side of the country to share strategies and experiences after a career practicing civil rights law.

You may be able to advance my initiative by sharing this post. I am interested only in warm climate venues as I have lived in the north country long enough. Exchange candidates on your end are varied and should not be hard to find. My home is ideal for snowmobile excursions with trails accessible from my yard, ski trips to Lake Placid or family and business events. It is located on a wooded two-acre parcel overlooking a ravine and small city in the heart of upstate New York and less than an hour drive from Syracuse and Turning Stone Casino. Deer routinely pass by our windows.

It is likely that many candidates would opt to purchase this unique property. It resembles the English cottages showcased in the Holiday. Pictures are included with this post. You be the judge. In addition, there are major plans for nano technology and high paying jobs here. My four bedroom home with fireplace, study, attached garage, elaborate playground and interior renovations could provide a location for families and newly married couples. Five colleges are only miles away. If you can assist me, it would very much be appreciated. Contact me direct at (315) 796-4000 or leonkoziol@gmail.com.

Best regards and Happy Holidays.


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