Parental Advocate Leon Koziol Announces Nationwide Family Court Reform Initiative

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Parenting Rights Office May Open in New York City

In the wake of recent contributions, Parental Advocate Leon Koziol will be shifting his professional focus to a major initiative in support of shared parenting and accountability in our nation’s divorce and family courts. He will now be offering speaking engagements and seminars to industry, employee and business groups around the country in an effort to divert parents from costly court proceedings which harm all aspects of our society. His presentations are designed to promote alternate forms of dispute resolution. In the process, he hopes to advance productivity in the workplace, improvements in health care and family law reforms, among other worthy public objectives.

To that end, a Public Initiative Summary has been developed which will be marketed to impacted constituencies. This summary is the product of many years of experience in federal and state courts litigating constitutional rights cases. It draws upon extensive personal knowledge and sets forth a six part plan of action to ignite public interest in a meaningful reform effort. Next month, Dr. Koziol will begin his initiative in Nashville, Tennessee where he hopes to elicit financial support from high profile individuals victimized in these same courts. If you would like to invite Dr. Koziol to speak to your group or function, A PDF copy of the Public Initiative Summary is available for your review. He can be reached at (315) 796-4000 or