National League of Fathers, Inc. Commends Curt Schilling on Actions Taken to Protect his Daughter


You had to be veritably impressed with baseball great Curt Schilling when he promptly and unabashedly went after the internet trolls and stalker boys who trashed his daughter’s reputation recently. Like a scene from some Steven Segal or Bruce Willis movie, you couldn’t help but get visions of a real man and truly loving father who single handedly took on the virtual attackers of his precious child, causing them to lose their jobs and protective identities. Okay she was college age, but a father never flinches when it comes to daddy’s little girl at any age. So many mothers will never be able to explain this phenomenon. It’s just who we are. This girl must be beaming today to have been born to such a father.

As for our organization, the National League of Fathers, Inc., we are hoping to come up with some kind of first time humanitarian award to bestow upon Curt Schilling. His heroics on behalf of his daughter assuredly exceed any of the achievements of his esteemed sports career, even though we know he wasn’t looking for any awards. That makes it all the more appropriate and deserving, more so than a Nobel Prize given to a newly elected president simply for being a good politician. And so, let us call it the Curt Schilling Exemplary Father Award or the Nobel “Don’t Even Think About Hurting My Little Girl” Prize. We’ll take any other public suggestions.

In the wake of such a refreshing story, it becomes crucial for us to share with Mr. Schilling and the general public another real life story regarding loving fathers in our nation’s family courts. These modern day parents are being prevented from exercising such basic heroics due to state supremacy which has been asserted over child rearing authority in divorce and separated environments. The followers of our site, Leon, are well aware of the discrimination, draconian practices and “politically correct” standards being applied to good fathers in these very same situations. And so we have to change vital facts in the story line to give it authenticity.

First we must alter the name Curt Schilling to any mainstream father’s name, i.e. John Parent. We must then downgrade his status to the generic “Non-Custodial Parent,” that lower class of human typically reserved for fathers regardless of their fitness or model citizenship. A very arrogant Family Court judge is then brought in to supervise any petition brought by the superior “Custodial Parent” to regulate or control the conduct of the inferior one. We give the father an attractive second wife or girlfriend who helps raise the same daughter and, not surprisingly, a different outcome emerges which has the public vilifying the same father for the same behavior.

First, John Parent becomes subjected to a petition from the “Custodial Parent” chastising him for going after the stalkers without first clearing it with the arrogant Family Court judge. Second, after paying for a lawyer and taking time off from work to answer frivolous charges, John naturally loses his composure when learning that a hearing has been set for him to explain his aberrant behavior. Third, in order to help him assess John’s condition, the arrogant judge orders anger management therapy or psychological evaluations (actually helping third parties with their employment needs for career advancement purposes). During the hearing, John is required to explain why he cost the stalkers their jobs with all the emotional distress it caused them. He is asked to point out where in any court order or agreement he was given the authority to go off on this campaign to harm persons who are presumed innocent until convicted by a jury after a protracted criminal prosecution. John is finally denied contact with his daughter until he completes a parent education program and a period of adult supervision during his “visitation.”

To be sure, in Family Court today, there are cases which bear out the foregoing story. Not long ago, a father was required to apologize and close out his website due to offensive criticisms of this form of mistreatment. Two years ago, a family court judge in Syracuse was removed from the bench for sexual misconduct committed upon his five year old handicapped niece. One year later, another (married) family judge in Michigan was removed for having relations with a litigant mother in chambers during a child support hearing. It resulted in a pregnancy but no monetary recovery for the victim father who had been punished for his delinquent support obligations. The list goes on. We ask all of our followers to spread a message of reform. On March 1, 2015, a new campaign was introduced entitled “We Are Fathers.” We will be in Nashville on March 18th to begin a promotional tour. We would appreciate any donations you could make to this cause on our site so that fathers can truly be fathers once again.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol
National League of Fathers, Inc.
(315) 796-4000

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