Gaylord Opryland Resort Proposed For First Annual Court Corruption Conference

Today’s Nashville Meetings Focus on Second Goal of “We Are Fathers” Campaign. 

It’s the largest resort under a dome in the world and a perfect place for conducting the world’s first court corruption conference. At least that’s the opinion of the woman who paid for my excursion here in Nashville. So how could I disagree with her!

And let’s face it, corruption is growing in our least scrutinized branch of government. This is where justice is supposed to be dispensed each day for our benefit. Yet with all the formal inquiries, congressional hearings and government accountings we hear about on a regular basis, when was the last time you heard about one directed to our courts or judges? Is this branch of government somehow above the law?

A growing number of Americans are believing that it is. To be sure, our courts have carved out a special rule nowhere found under the Constitution which accords judges an “absolute immunity” from malfeasance or civil rights liability unlike the rest of us in our lines of work. Put another way, although you can be sued for negligence in your business, the one deciding your fate has no such worries. Is it no wonder that  the corruption is growing.

The “We Are Fathers” campaign started here in Nashville has two principal goals relating to court corruption: first to remedy a century of discrimination against fathers which is being disregarded despite our guarantee of equal rights under the same Constitution. That’s corruption no matter how you slice it. 

Our military is returning home each day from foreign wars purporting to bring rights and freedoms to other nations only to find a 21st Century version of “separate but equal” laws involving their own families here. Parents are separated in divorce and family court under a declared pretext of gender neutrality. 

But the reality according to Census Bureau reports and common sense observances is that the children and money routinely go to mom. The deceptive declarations of law cause unsuspecting dads to believe that equality can be achieved, that justice will be served in lieu of taking the law in ones own hands and so they fight uselessly for their offspring to the joy of lawyers happy to take their money.

The second goal of our campaign, and today’s focus, is court corruption separate of this blatant discrimination, the kind which occurs to all parents. A major part of the Divorce Corp Family Law Conference in November was devoted to this. Yet we have never witnessed an actual gathering committed exclusively to this vital concern.

Tonite will be dedicated to social chats on the town in Nashville. My new local friends are taking me to meet a famous country singer who shows up occasionally to jam with friends under another band name. It will be a real treat for me as I have heard his music here on the speaker systems. Maybe I can get him and his celebrity friends to join our cause even if it has to be off the public radar. Never giving up this cause my friends, and we need everyone to get involved now while it’s gaining momentum.

Dr. Leon R.  Koziol

 (315) 796-4000