King’s Chronicles: How Do You Know If Your Judge Is Hiding A Mental Defect?


Judges Are Typically Prosecuted For Deranged Crimes Prior To Motions For Competency Evaluations.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

So your judge is acting strange. She’s engaged in social banter with the lawyers, ruling for your adversary in disregard of your evidence, and acting like she knows things about you which are not in the court record. You’re confused, incredulous, maybe even bitter about what’s happening. But there’s nothing you can do because the standards for showing judicial bias are utterly unattainable. A prosecutor has it easier in a criminal case.

Welcome to “King’s Chronicles,” part two of an expose about court corruption which every litigant in America should review. Today we focus on that ever elusive question of bias. If it exists, no amount of preparation, merit or lawyer fees is likely to help you. The outcome has been predetermined and your fate sealed. Worse yet, you may not even know that the misconduct is occurring as the culprit twists your own behavior to suit her decision.

In yesterday’s post, part one, we provided a short list of victims who learned all too late that their presiding judges had suffered from delusional thinking. Not one could be expected to admit to any bias and circumstantial proof, however compelling, is routinely disregarded on appeal. In the “kids for cash” scandal, for example, more than 4,000 juvenile convictions had to be overturned, but how did that help the wrongfully incarcerated kids, their families or the taxpayers? Due process had been tortured beyond repair.

With this backdrop, we bring you a story of a family judge assigned to my custody case after 30 prior trial judges had to be terminated or disqualified, many due to retributions for my public criticisms. It is an ordeal that reads like a John Grisham story but you may find your own experiences familiar. You can also gain valuable insights based on 23 years of trial experience here or give a loved one some consolation by sharing this post.

To put you in my shoes, imagine being in front of a new family judge facing yet another petition from a scorned ex-spouse to have your children taken from you. Prior petitions have been thrown out by his predecessors for lack of evidence, but this judge is exploiting the current one because he is offended by your proper criticisms of him, reasons having nothing to do with the merits of this case or your innocent children’s genuine interests.

On a first appearance, the judge has already entered a stigmatizing restriction upon your parenting time based on the one sided story in the petition. That story is just that, no witness, no corroboration, only more hearsay and tired old delusions of the ex-spouse directed against her replacement, your fiancée, living in the former marital home for years.

An astute judge would easily detect the fraud. He certainly would not jump to conclusions and sign an order which impairs a fundamental right protected by our Constitution. But this is family court, things can get very political, and unfortunately we’re also dealing here with a biased judge pretending to see sudden legitimacy to the allegations.

If he bothered to accurately read the record, Judge Daniel King would know of the scorned litigant’s history of court abuse. Instead, he has his own abuse in mind, a petition with an opportunity for him to discredit his public adversary. So when you finally get to be heard for the purpose of removing that stigma, this judge cuts you off and simply declares that he is “protecting” your children.

It’s bad enough that the misguided jurist has trampled all over your due process rights, but these are not his children, he knows nothing about them. He was not there when they were born, knows nothing about the real story, all your sacrifices, love or commitments, and he certainly wasn’t there to save one of them altogether when you pulled her back from darting out into traffic at a playground.

But so what, this is Dan King, suddenly a supreme being. He’s a judge for Pete’s sake, he wears a robe and people all rise when he enters “his” courtroom. He’s read chapter and verse about his “legal” authority to protect children from their own parents. He can do a lot with such an awesome and overbroad power. There’s no jury here, the lawyers are all making money over the asinine petitions, and who’s going to believe an angry litigant over a judge anyway?

What’s more, that logical human emotion called anger can be exploited to impose more conditions such as costly anger management sessions. It occurs all the time to benefit third party “experts” who replace your judgments  with theirs in a confusing mesh of opinions that can defy logic. To be sure, failure to display anger at a wrongful seizure of your loved ones is about as normal as Norman Bates at a domestic violence convention.

And so, over a period of only six months, in a pathetically demented agenda of speech retaliation, Judge Daniel King assured that two little girls would never see their daddy again. He imposed a series of absurd or conflicting restrictions which left this author at constant risk of contempt. Accordingly I will not see my girls again, if at all, until they reach a mature age. Even then, I may be foreclosed if the scorned ex-spouse finishes her child alienation schemes which were utterly disregarded.

It is an injustice of immense proportion occurring undetected among family courts all across America today. In a self- regulated environment, judicial commissions overlook such misconduct because orchestrated conflicts are lucrative for lawyers, therapists and judges looking to advance themselves with political contributions.

When this newly elected family judge referenced himself to my ex-spouse as “Dan King” in a later teleconference, it provided further proof of his bias. Under the judicial ethics code, a judge is expected to avoid any appearance of partiality or impropriety.  Yet this story gets even more shocking. But you’ll have to await part three of our continuing series entitled “King’s Chronicles.”

Dr.  Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

Administrator’s Note: This week we came upon an interesting website called the Oswego County Peeled Onion. Ironically, their observations about Dan King’s courtroom behavior are eerily similar despite never having had a prior discussion with their staff:

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