King’s Chronicles: Are Judges Above The Law When It Comes To Public Criticism?


Part Four: Political Espionage May Be Occurring in Our Third Branch of Government.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

In recent posts here at Leon, we told you about a former Chief Justice of New York’s court system who directed paid staff in his chambers to target a lawyer who was getting too close to his mistress in order to harm his law license. It was all infected by politics, and the judge, Sol Wachtler, was eventually sent to prison on stalking, extortion and false reporting charges.

King’s Chronicles is a long overdue expose on court corruption with a viral following around the country and places as far away as Australia and Argentina. It is dedicated to a family court judge, Daniel King, of Lowville, New York whose misconduct is being overlooked due to a mission for censoring my public criticisms and complaints, rights protected by our Constitution and principles of any free society. King’s antics could easily be among those practiced elsewhere, and it is therefore crucial to expose them wherever they may be found.

Some of our followers have pointed out that the Sol Wachtler debacle was isolated and that political conspiracies among judges and their accomplices are hard to prove. Moreover, judges are given special immunities from civil rights violations. Indeed my own cases have suffered from such defenses asserted to dismiss otherwise valid constitutional claims. The public is then given the false impression that the judges have committed no wrongs and that the accusations have no merit. It is a green light for continuing misconduct.

With this backdrop we bring you the case of Morin v Tormey, 626 F.3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2010), a federal appeals court decision which rejected judicial immunity for two judges and clerk accomplices in a civil rights case here in Syracuse brought by a chief court clerk as a victim of their “political espionage” tactics. The case was ultimately settled against the judges for $600,000.00.

One of the judges, Brian Hedges, was assigned to my custody case prior to being disqualified on my motion and later removed from the family court altogether for admitting to sexual misconduct upon his handicapped five year old niece. The other, James Tormey, is still on the bench and assigning cases like my custody matters to Daniel King.

Much like the plaintiff in the Morin case, I am being sent to remote court locations instead of my home county. Now, as promised, we bring you a very brief rendition of the misconduct of Judge King which will become part of a published book. It occurred at a 2014 custody hearing and may reflect similar experiences of victimized families all across the country.

For background, Dan King conducted a so-called “mini-hearing” in November, 2013 without proper notice to enforce his needless supervisory authority over my children. In substance, he was reacting to my website criticisms and September testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption which disclosed fictional college degrees being used to impute income against me for child support purposes (we’re not making this up).

With no competent evidence of any parenting deficiencies, Dan King concocted one after the fact which he called “alcohol related gestures.” He based it on a toast to my niece at a wedding reception (we’re not making that up either). I promptly filed an appeal and secured a higher court restraint upon the bizarre decision which was found to be “structurally flawed” and without proper support.

However I later learned from King’s court clerk that no record had been made of the mini-hearing, hence we could not show the clear abuse before any higher court or misconduct authority. Worse yet, King endeavored to conform the 2014 hearing record to justify his demented orders. His errors are too numerous to cite here, but in salient part, this is how he did it.

At the later properly noticed hearing, Dan King exhibited vindictive behavior warranting his disqualification or removal from the bench. Angered over the higher court order and public criticisms, he maliciously facilitated narrative testimony from a scorned ex-spouse to manufacture a false record. This was needed to whitewash his earlier misconduct and errors.

I logically objected to the utterly irrelevant and incompetent harangue of the ex-spouse acting alone without witness, lawyer or corroboration. She needed no attorney because the judge was acting effectively as her advocate. Two of my five  early objections  were granted when, suddenly, Dan King became unglued and enraged without cause. He threatened to have me removed from the court if I made another objection.

I was consequently forced to endure a long dissertation of fraudulent testimony having no factual support so that King could have a (false) record to support his punitive design. When the sadistic conduct turned toward my recently departed mother, I requested and received permission to exit this kangaroo proceeding to avoid contempt by ambush (making another proper objection).

Shockingly, I lost contact with my precious little girls after 12 years of fit parenting as an outcome. Welcome to King’s Court where a miscarriage of justice can occur without any civil recourse. It is best explained by the kind of “political espionage” or speech suppression that can easily infect our third branch of government. Soon it will become a page-turner in my book supported by the true record.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate

(315) 796-4000

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