Civil Rights Advocate Leon Koziol issues startling report to Justice Department for investigation and hearings on abuse of federal funds in divorce and family courts.


Administrator’s note: It has been awhile since our last post but that is because Leon has been working on a comprehensive report to the Justice Department which will hopefully lead to meaningful reforms in our nation’s divorce and family courts. This report has been sent to U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch at the Justice Department in Washington D.C. and it seeks the following:

1) A federal investigation into the abuses of federal funds to the states in divorce and family court proceedings;

2) Proactive measures by President Barack Obama and his administration to include a task force on father discrimination to lend credibility behind his annual upcoming Fathers’ Day message; and

3) Administrative review of draconian support warrant and incarceration practices by local law enforcement to prevent escalating violence reflected by murder of Walter Scott in South Carolina.

Attached you will find cover letter to U.S. Attorney Loretta Lynch and first eight pages of a 37 page report. If you would like a complete copy, contact Leon at (315) 796-4000 or And once again we ask for your ongoing support and financial contributions to keep Leon alive and working on our behalf.

On a related subject, Dr. Eric Braverman has invited Leon to speak at a rally in support of Justice in divorce court. It will occur on June 25, 2015 at the Manhattan courthouse located at 100 Centre Street,  2nd Floor. We are urging all our followers in the New York metropolitan area to join us on that day in support of Dr. Braverman.

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