How Important is Your Life Story? Lawyer Consultant Offering Publishing Services.


Public Advocate Dr. Leon Koziol in Niagara Falls on Book Assignment.

You hear it all the time, people who want to tell their life stories, unique ordeals, perhaps a legacy for future generations. And yet the vast majority are never told beyond the coffee shops, beauty salons and bar stools.

It’s really unfortunate because we are now immersed in a fast society which needs guidance from those who have already charted the course for others to follow. From government reform to  simple entertainment, getting these stories out is vital to free speech.

This week I’ve been in Niagara Falls at the request of a mother who suffered a phenomenal ordeal in family court. It spanned the world and two decades of abuse. You might call it the women’s version of  “the fugitive ” and it will be coming to a bookstore near you. 

We like to think of America as the land of the free, place of opportunity and beacon of liberty, but those founding principles are quickly eroding. Donald Trump is garnering a tremendous following because he is conveying the frustrations of our general population. 

Well how about you? Are you less important to society? Have you thought about leaving something valuable behind ? After all, even the rich can’t take their wealth to the grave. Alec Baldwin published “A Promise to Ourselves ” written by a consultant. Then he abandoned it.

A void consequently exists for others to fill, possibly leading to a documentary or even a movie of the kind occasioned by John Grisham or Tom Clancy. If enough stories are told, maybe we can collectively influence long overdue reforms in our family courts to benefit children and families.

Unfortunately in my own publishing experience (I successfully sued a book publisher for incompetence), a well developed manuscript could be tortured by unscrupulous profiteers. Dubious publishers are prosecuted for greedy business practices only to reorganize under different names.

Therefore you will need proper guidance if your story must be told. I have traveled to many places to get to know my book clients. It lends a crucial personal touch behind any such venture. And in the end it may be your only remedy to a miscarriage of Justice, your own final chapter.

Here on the other side of the border, a mother is maintaining her anonymity as you may wish to do. Her identity will remain confidential until she is ready for her book’s release. If you would like to explore such a venture, contact me at or (315) 796-4000.

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