Book Projects by Parental Advocate Dr. Leon Koziol Expose Court Corruption

You  hear it all the time, people who want to tell their life stories, unique ordeals, perhaps a legacy for future generations. And yet the vast majority are never told beyond the cafés, workplaces, shopping malls and bar stools.
But what if a book project leads to court corruption and verified misconduct? What if your long festering story results in official investigations and charges? Can you make your mark to prevent others from becoming victims? 
That is what is emerging from the latest book project this month by parental advocate, Dr. Leon Koziol. Fact checking has led to revelations which are shocking to say the least and the early draft manuscript may have to be released to authorities.
This week he’s been talking to a number of divorce and family court victims around the country anxious to tell their court ordeals through a published book. But as explained in our October 7, 2015 post here at Leon, the process has many costly pitfalls for the novice writer regardless of background.

We like to think of America as the land of the free, place of opportunity and beacon of liberty, but those founding principles are quickly eroding. Your book may have a vital impact. Newcomer political candidates continue to garner a tremendous following because they are expressing the frustrations of our people.

Well how about you? Are you less important to society? Have you thought about leaving something valuable behind ? After all, even the rich can’t take their wealth to the grave. Alec Baldwin published “A Promise to Ourselves ” co-produced by a writing expert. Here we offer you an exciting range of consulting and publishing services.

A profound void exists in publishing on the subject of real life court abuses, particularly in matters of divorce, custody and support. In countless cases, books have led to documentaries or even a movie of the kind occasioned by John Grisham or Tom Clancy. If enough stories are told, maybe we can collectively influence long overdue reforms in our courts to benefit children and families.

Unfortunately in our publishing experiences (Leon successfully sued a book publisher for incompetence), a well developed manuscript could be tortured by unscrupulous profiteers. Dubious publishers are prosecuted for greedy business practices only to reorganize under different names.

Therefore you will need proper guidance if your story must be told. Leon has traveled to many places to get to know our book clients. It lends a crucial personal touch behind any such venture. And in the end it may be your only remedy to a miscarriage of justice, your own final chapter in life.

If you would like to explore such a venture, contact Leon directly at or (315) 796-4000. Fees are dependent on the complexity of your assignment. For every serious inquiry, we will provide a free copy of Leon’s latest manuscript entitled Voyage to Armageddon published last year and available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Lulu Publishing on/line bookstores. Make your passion for justice and reform a meaningful and potentially lucrative one.