Gag Order Placed on Leon Koziol.Com While Website Saved Another Father From Suicide


By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Well family judge Daniel King of Lowville, New York has had enough of us and our First Amendment convictions. Such rights apply only to the other two branches of government like convicted New York Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver.

Had it not been for the First Amendment at the hearings before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption (where I testified), Sheldon Silver would still be abusing taxpayers and lining his pockets with bribes.

Leon’s testimony can be viewed here at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark:

As explained in our last post, federal prosecutor Preet Bharara had had enough of corruption when his own testimony was kabashed by Silver’s influence to disband that Commission. Now the all powerful Silver is just another convicted government felon like former New York Chief Justice Sol Wachtler.

The Silver conviction took place after Judge Dan King’s gag order here to suppress accountability for his own misconduct. As we told you folks last week this is all going to get real ugly. So strap yourselves in for an upcoming showdown between a biased angry judge and a parent who will not yield to money like Silver did.

Now Judge King is flexing his muscle, also like Silver once did, and we are so concerned that I decided to bring more public exposure to his misconduct by filing a state mandamus action in a higher court which will bring even more public attention to his misconduct. If our courts cannot protect our most basic rights, all we have left is anarchy.

Yeah this site is staying up just like those who stood up to tyranny, took the front of the bus in the 60s or voted in the 1872 elections (i.e. Susan B. Anthony). We’re ready for a public officer holder who either doesn’t understand the basics of paternal commitment or has no problem using fraud artists to advance censorship of our public criticisms .

While my adversaries were working overtime to get this gag order, I experienced a most bone chilling event over Thanksgiving weekend. I decided to check on one of our many followers after not hearing from him as anticipated for more than a month.

He confided in me that he was about to place that noose around his neck because of family court abuse when I called. It was several days later when he disclosed how my call saved his life. So yeah, this site is staying up, We save lives here from  family court abuse. Over the years our site has saved veterans, public safety officers and plain good guys who love their babies as much as moms do.

Another development is arising as word spreads about this judge Dan King. He has abused a lot of other good folks who love their little ones (the state does not own them). They are calling for a protest in front of a certain business, home and courthouse. I have no control over this. That’s the way it works when you rile up a self governing society. Tomorrow’s post is dedicated to Judge Dan King and his gag order.  I’m an American. I love my country and my children.

God bless America and all you  fellow citizens and service people who keep us truly free.

Best regards,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Civil Rights Advocate


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