Shocking ! Did New York’s Governor shut down Moreland Commission due to his child support debts?

Dr. Leon Koziol with CBS host Morley Safer in Leon’s office during interview aired globally when news organizations displayed remarkable courage exposing corruption. Will they return for the continuing saga here?

Administrator’s query: Did Leon Koziol’s testimony before 2013 Moreland Commission influence Governor Cuomo to dissolve it before public attention turned to his “substantial” child support delinquencies at the time? 

We could never get a straight answer on why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo suddenly closed his Moreland Commission on Public Corruption in March of last year less than one year since he created it to root out corruption in Albany.

We also could not get answers to a confidential report issued by a reinstatement committee denying Dr. Koziol his license only days after the closure of that Commission. The report contained a copy of Leon’s Moreland testimony with no specifications of any ethical wrongdoings to the present day.

Leon testified about draconian support collection practices in New York’s family courts impacting poor, minority and struggling fathers. We never imagined that a rich governor who once served as state Attorney General would fall in that category. But that’s apparently the case based on a December 7, 2015 story in the New York Post.

Leon’s Moreland testimony was also republished in recent posts here at Leon It included fictional college degrees used by family judge Daniel King of Lowville, New York to elevate Leon’s support obligations in retaliation for his public speech. Days later this Judge King issued a gag order on this site. We have not shut it down and King’s censorship is being challenged in a higher court. Can you believe all this among towns where our American Revolution was fought?

Leon’s testimony can be viewed here at approximately the 2 hours, 31 minutes and 45 seconds mark:

In a recent post we gave a summary of testimony by victim parents at the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption. We also called for a reinstatement of that prematurely dissolved Commission. We asked our thousands of followers to join us in that public appeal.

We made this appeal because early investigations by this Commission led to convictions and indictments of top Legislative leaders such as Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Senate Leader Dean Skelos respectively. We also assumed based on news reports that the Governor himself may be indicted next month.

Sadly no one is investigating corruption in our third branch of government. We need your help to form a citizen organization to do the job they are unwilling to do. But that will require serious donations. No one has made a contribution in many months despite our courageous work. Kindly spread the word and  donate to our site.

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