Dr. Koziol Back in Manhattan Advocating For Court Reform and Family Rights

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Dr. Leon Koziol is back on the road at the invitation of parents across the country anxious to reverse an ever growing trend of abuse in divorce and family courts. Today he was back in New York City meeting with prominent members of the clergy who share our concerns.

“There’s no question that we see a deepening crisis in these courts” agreed one participant speaking on condition of anonymity at a meeting arranged by a university professor. “But how can we get involved in personal court cases. That’s really not what we do.”

A black minister countered that these proceedings feature a growing evil centered on money which cannot be ignored. Leon emphasized that apathy among all constituencies to the corruption which is occurring here encourages more of the same. It is destroying our productivity and moral fiber as a nation.

A consensus was reached to join ranks in fighting a trillion dollar industry built on needless conflict caused by unscrupulous lawyers and judges. A plan of action was tentatively reached to gain the involvement of New York media to expose the abuse so that public officials will conduct public hearings, inquiries into extraordinary cases and reform legislation.

Leon will now follow up with participants while continuing with book projects for court victims rightfully demanding justice. He is presently focused on a mother who was reduced to fugitive status by a corrupt regime of lawyers and judges in a 15 year divorce. He is off to San Francisco after being invited by a group of parents there to get involved with a movement to exploit the Super Bowl to draw overdue public attention to this crisis. We will keep you posted.

Once again we emphasize the need for donations here at Leon Koziol.com. It is crucial for making all this good work possible. If you would like Dr. Koziol to provide professional consulting services for a book on your own court ordeal, feel free to contact him personally at (315) 796-4000 or at our office at Parenting Rights Institute at (315) 380-3420.