Trump Manager Cory Lewandowski Victorious Like Election Will Be


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Overflow Trump rally attended by our entire team here at Leon in Albany, New York on April 11, 2016, see inside speech on earlier post.

Michelle Fields complaint against Trump manager thrown out !

So the hoax to criminalize Trump’s campaign has failed. That’s no surprise to us at Leon Koziol. com. We predicted it while the establishment was salivating over the most insane complaint ever filed with a police department.

You gotta hand it to Donald Trump! He stuck by his supporter when other candidates would have buckled under pressure to presume guilt, proving he will stand by us as the next president. Kudos also to the Jupiter, Florida prosecutors who saw no merit to the Michelle Fields scam. 

What a terrible precedent it would have set: every concert, sports event and convention would feature criminal complaints based on minor contact. We would not protect others from harm on a fear of being arrested. It’s the backlash feminists never think about when they push rational women to do stupid things. So much for her career now!

Over the years I have saved many women from career harm. I never lost a criminal jury case, secured major recoveries for minorities and represented a past president of the National Organization for Women. Forget a defamation case Michelle, maybe you should worry about a false arrest case by Trump’s manager.

This was a huge disaster for Trump’s enemies. They gambled and lost. The liberal outcome sought against Cory Lewandowski would have filled our already clogged courts to prevent the rest of us from getting timely justice against the real criminals.

Now if only this unexpected precedent could be applied to all the idiotic complaints filed in divorce and family courts, America could be great again, as Donald promises. Countless Fields-type petitions are filed every day with absurd accusations to gain tactical custody advantages.

After all, isn’t that what this Michelle reporter did for sexist, personal and political gain. If only  we had more judges like Donald Trump who could bring common sense back to parenting, we could reverse parental alienation and court corruption overnight!

As promised in our April 12, 2016 post on the Albany Trump rally, we will be releasing a shocking report on court corruption. If you’ve seen the movies, Concussion, Pelican Brief or Kill the Messenger, you will embrace it like no other. Destined to finally incite a united movement, we aim to restore integrity and parental authority in these courts.

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