New Report: Custody Court Dysfunction May Claim Your Children, Health and Livelihood


Stay healthy, happy and out of custody court so your hard earnings can be spent on better things than lawyers, court induced addictions and lucrative evaluations

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Is anything worth your health? Do you enjoy fighting over your children while lawyers and court operatives disgorge you of your earnings and assets. If you have an income, children or assets of any kind, the sky’s the limit for conflict orchestrated by profiteers in custody court.

They’ll tell you it’s all in your children’s best interests when advised to file a contested divorce or family court petition for custody or support. But they’re really talking about their own children, if they even have them, where the fees you pay are ultimately spent.

Get the vital details in a new report released this past week by our public interest group, Parenting Rights Institute. Share it with your lawyer, obtain expert assistance, but most of all, get a real world perspective on how these courts truly operate.

It was authored by a parental advocate who spent more than two decades litigating in these courts. The alarming content is based on many months of research and interviews with divorce and family court victims from around the country.

We rely on donations to make such work possible. Your help is vital. This report must be shared with persons or entities with resources to help us open offices in every state. Custody Court Dysfunction is a growing epidemic traced to PTSD, Parent Alienation Syndrome, moral decay, health care costs and productivity declines in the workplace.

Contact us at our office at (315) 380-3420 or direct at (315) 796-4000. We also offer a Court Program for self-represented parents and those wishing to consider mediation and other litigation alternatives at We also prepare book manuscripts for those wishing to publish their court ordeals.

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