Gag Order Lifted, Offense Petition Thrown Out, Mom Warned She May Lose Custody

Leon Koziol’s ex-secretary, Veronica Donahue, fired for causing ethics issues and six figure thefts, being escorted to jail in 2013 on $10,000 bail. Later she was convicted on felony forgery charges after stealing from other law offices despite Leon’s warnings and returned to prison this year. She was the star witness for Leon’s ex-spouse at a custody trial in 2011.

Breaking News on Our Motto at Leon “You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up.”

In a series of decisions received today, the gag order imposed on this site was lifted and the offense petition filed by Kelly Hawse-Koziol was thrown out. She was also warned of losing custody if Leon Koziol is denied contact with his children in bad faith.

Accordingly the posts that were taken down six months ago regarding her frauds upon family court will be returned to this website so that reform and accountability can press on consistent with the First Amendment. But what does all of this mean to victimized moms and dads everywhere? Well a lot! Sometimes persistence pays off. Read on.

To begin with, the gag order and petition were thrown out after a trial was postponed twice over the past two months without explanation. It was done on the face of claims treated in the best light of the accuser. Such a decision could have been made when the petition was first filed instead of six months later while our site was being censored and subjected to vague standards of compliance (contempt by ambush).

More disturbing, this is yet another in a series of “protection” petitions filed by Kelly Hawse-Koziol since 2006, all dismissed. Only one went to trial in 2010 and it too was thrown out by a prior judge for lack of evidence (Leon was not even required to put in a defense). Dads (and some moms) across America are being subjected to career damaging accusations like these strictly as a custody tactic urged by greedy, unscrupulous lawyers like William Koslosky, having no regard for children.

Of grave concern is that the gag order was issued with an ulterior purpose for covering up a clear fraud on the court and father here. Kelly Hawse-Koziol concealed the residence of Leon’s children at the home of millionaire, Joseph Flihan Jr., for a period of eight months on various court records. It was discovered only by chance investigation. She had been seeking to replace Leon as the natural, loving father since announcing that intention on the phone in 2006. No judge to date has acknowledged it let alone taken corrective action, and that leads the common observer to wonder why?

If you’ve been following our site, you have seen cases of court corruption involving custody bribes (i.e. New York divorce judges Gerald Garson and Thomas Spargo). In yesterday’s post we disclosed breaking news regarding Arkansas Judge Joe Boeckmann charged with taking sexual favors for special treatment of litigants over a 30 year period. Then there’s the “Kids-for-Cash” scandal in Pennsylvania and Leon’s prior custody judge, Bryan Hedges, removed from the bench for admitting to sexual misconduct on his handicapped five year old niece.

When are we going to finally take a stand against all this? We go to our courts for recourse because these are the forums created under our constitutions to resolve disputes yet it is Leon (not Kelly) being subjected to anti-filing orders. How does one defend against false accusations and a biased court system? It encourages  victims to take the law into their own hands as Utica Police Investigator Joseph Longo did in a murder-suicide that left three children without parents and the city with a $2 million liability, see Pearce v Longo, 766 F. Supp 2d 367 (NDNY 20011). Recall also the police murder of an unarmed dad, Walter Scott, in 2015 simply because he ran from a child support warrant.

The band plays on in divorce and family courts for the reason that government has turned our children into a trillion dollar industry. Obama is quick to issue orders for transgender bathrooms but has yet to even mention father discrimination that remains rampant in America. Children are far more traumatized in corrupt family courts than they are in school bath rooms. Have the governments in Washington and Albany  finally lost their sanity?

Kelly Hawse-Koziol testfied under oath that she made a successful transmission of residential change as required by custody order through the following e-mail: “” (“L” character missing)- Try it for entertainment purposes. We posted her alleged confirmation sheet employed by the children’s lawyer, William Koslosky, showing no successful transmission (removed from this site when the gag order forced us to do so).

Yet Judge Daniel King accepted her excuse that she retyped it by error on another computer on this isolated occasion (unlike years before and months after). But even if you disregard the obvious lie, it does not and cannot excuse a fact which any kid could figure out that such a transmission never occurred (because either computer would kick it back as unsuccessful on the screen). So where is the remedy for the victim? Perjury charges? Lots of luck, and this father (unlike the mother) would never pursue that anyway for his children’s sake.

There will be much more as this saga continues. Arguments have been set for June 10, 2016 in New York Supreme Court in Utica for a mandamus (extraordinary action) order for removal of Judge Daniel King, injunction against father discrimination and a remedy for parental alienation suffered by moms and dads everywhere. It is open to the public. You can call our office, Parenting Rights Institute, at (315) 380-3420 or Leon direct at (315) 796-4000. In the end, this gag order scheme backfired with greater public attention now with the litigation it required. And shouldn’t custody have changed long ago anyway? You be the judge.

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