Your Professional Documentary Can Have Profound Impact: Order it at Leon



We will come to your city or town, investigate your court ordeal and produce a book or documentary that may get you justice. At the very least it could be made part of a formal complaint to authorities and made viral on our network of sites nationally. Think about it. These commissions and agencies generally respond only to mainstream media, high profile matters or violent events. What about the rest of us? What about you?

It’s a new and proven approach for exposing misconduct. Sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute, your case will be reviewed by a constitutional law expert with over 25 years experience as a trial attorney in federal and state courts. Dr. Leon Koziol has taken aim at corrupt politicians, lawyers and even judges removed from cases or the bench altogether.

Joining him is Tamara Sweeney, a parent alienation victim and crusader for justice. They have partnered to give both moms and dads meaningful recourse when our officials abuse public office. Public exposure is our last resort in a self governing society. The work of Dr. Koziol  and the Parenting Rights Institute has been so effective that a family court gag order was issued on this site and removed when Leon brought an action in New York Supreme Court earlier this year.

Currently Leon has a case before the United States Supreme Court which raises parental rights against a trillion dollar industry that is harming our children at epidemic levels. Just today a lawsuit was filed by another public interest group making a similar challenge to debtor prisons. Leon is asking our high court to scale back judicial immunity so parents can be compensated in extreme cases, see Leon Koziol v United States District Court for Northern New York, Docket No. 15-1519.

Spread the word and call our office to arrange a project with cost estimates at (315) 380-3420 or Leon personally at (315) 796-4000.