Wanted: Talented, Ambitious Mom Victimized by Divorce To Help Reform America

Okay you don’t find that kind of want ad anywhere. That’s because it is directed to an extraordinary peson and a very special purpose. Qualifications are just about anything and admittedly this ad is a tall order.
I’m not even sure why I put it up on my site, but I do know this: moms, dads, children and families across America are looking for the heroes to save our parent-child rights that are being destroyed with each passing day.

Two parents are the centerpiece of a team to hold a corrupt court system accountable. We will investigate, literally save lives and expose  abuses in our divorce and family courts. The plan is in place, but the players are not: staff, investors, advocates and viral supporters.

So check it out. Aspire to a grand purpose. Contact me for details. I need a mom co-anchor for a developing program that may change these courts as we know it. Can you fulfill that role? I’m sure you can when reviewing this practice video. My cell is (315) 796-4000.

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute