The Quintessential Woman: Where is she today?


Are you struggling to find or keep a partner in your marriage or personal life? As part of our series of shocking videos that exposes corruption in divorce and family courts, Dr. Leon Koziol, Director of the Parenting Rights Institute, has taken a lighter side to the nationwide reform effort. If you love your children and find yourself victimized by lawyers, judges or the dating world, this video is for you. It is dedicated to one of our Facebook followers who left us a unique message. You will have to find out what that was and why Leon has now responded by unveiling his version of the “Quintessential Woman.”

Through this video, Leon is recommending a common sense approach for putting divorce lawyers out of business so that you and your children will not go bankrupt in these courts. It focuses on relationships between men and women, traditional values that are being lost today, and three reasons why parents are not staying together or cooperating for the sake of their children: trust, romance and mutual support. Here he takes you back to a time when frontier families became the foundation for a great nation. He offers a clip from a blockbuster film to make fascinating parallels with the conclusion that his “Quintessential Woman” could take out Hillary Clinton’s Village.

It is not the kind of woman you may be thinking about. Surprise yourself and share this everywhere. Unique and creative, it should leave you with inspiration and a warm feeling.

Novel published by Dr. Leon Koziol, Director of the Parenting Rights Institute featuring intrigue, romance and adventures of five women during a mid-life crisis. Available at Barnes and Noble and other major booksites.