Get Justice For Your Family Through Video Documentaries of Court Ordeals


It’s a new program to secure justice and reform for those abused in our nation’s divorce and family courts. This program features documentary investigations and publications. It is gaining popular support because mainstream media is not holding lawyers, judges and their appointed evaluators accountable. Misconduct, malpractice and exploitation of our children are being overlooked. This is one such video produced by Dr. Leon Koziol, Director of the Parenting Rights Institute. It features two non-custodial parents subjected to abusive child support proceedings and parental alienation.

This is a trillion dollar industry we families are up against. Reform and accountability are being suppressed by powerful special interests and bar associations. Custody awards are being obtained through bribes and gross violations of our constitutional rights. Learn more about it while saving your money and children at This video was monitored by courts, judges and a lawyer ethics committee which retaliated (as predicted) to its shocking and highly informative content.

Melissa Hayes, one of the parents in this video retained Dr. Koziol to investigate and report on corruption in her family court case. Within days of public release, it propagated to the top pages of Google searches of the targeted judges, lawyers and government agencies. When regulatory commissions fail to hold our public servants accountable, it becomes our duty under the Constitution to do it on our own. Contact us for more information and cost estimates for your case.

Dr. Koziol brings more than 23 years of experience as a constitutional rights attorney to people and places all across the United States to secure justice for those oppressed in these courts. He recently filed a case with the United States Supreme Court seeking a Special Master in federal court to conduct public hearings on the subject. He is asking moms and dads everywhere to sign a petition of support behind this case. You can also call our offices at Parenting Rights Institute: (315) 380-3420.