Donald Trump Thanks Leon Koziol in E-Mail After Stunning Victory

Dr. Leon Koziol files motion to remove Ruth Bader Ginsburg from a Supreme Court case docketed as Leon R. Koziol v United States District Court for the Northern District of New York. That motion was accepted as a “Suggestion for Recusal.” but never decided. The motion was made necessary by Ginsburg’s news conferences from her chambers attacking Donald Trump as a private citizen in early July, 2016. The case featured a First Amendment challenge to the speech retributions practiced against Leon for exposing court corruption and a gag order upon this website which was filled with Donald Trump promotions. That gag order was removed after Leon filed another mandamus action in New York Supreme Court


The content speaks for itself:


They said we could never do it.

But last night you showed the world that America will once again be a country of, for, and by the PEOPLE.

You fought like a winner, you defied all odds, and history will forever remember the role you played in taking our country back.

I could never have done it without you, Leon.

Last night we learned that America is still a beacon of hope where the impossible is possible.

For far too long, we’ve heard Washington politicians give the excuse that “it can’t be done.” They say we can’t balance the budget, we can’t stop corruption, we can’t control the border, we can’t bring jobs back to our country.

I REFUSE to accept that it can’t be done. This is the country that declared its independence, won two world wars, and landed a man on the moon. This is America. We can and WILL get it done.

Now it’s time to start reuniting our country and binding the wounds of our divided nation. I promise to be a president for ALL Americans. I will work for you. I will fight for you. And I will win for you.

You will soon remember what it’s like to win as an American.

Thank you and God bless you,

Donald J. Trump



It was you who impressed the world, often alone in your battles against a biased media, a cruel and ruthless opponent, and a liberal-socialist machine that would have crushed this great movement had it been any other candidate at its helm. I am honored to have played a role in that movement which has now taken flight.

In coming weeks I will share with you my dream of shattering a glass ceiling for fathers in family courts and for women who are victimized with them. This was supposed to be the year of the woman according to Hillary Clinton and her regime. They simply disregarded the other half of America, the ones who gave their lives in those wars and gave birth to this great nation, the ones who protect us daily in the streets and the ones who built America one structure at a time. It was the forgotten half which elected you president.

Your success will forever stand as a reminder of Lincoln’s famous words of a nation divided that cannot stand. Hillary is now lamenting that her campaign underestimated the deep divisions among our electorate. Well she championed those divisions on the theme that women are objects, they can be owned and controlled based strictly on gender, and that they would sweep her into the White House. Thank God that women rebelled against her to join this great new movement you have created. We all know that she would not have been so forgiving had she won the election.

Like our divorce and family courts, after inciting division and lucrative conflict, she now blames everyone but herself, like the lawyers and judges in these courts who blame the parents after dividing them and bankrupting their children. Turns out the women were intelligent after all. Now if they will only join me in Rochester, New York at the Susan B. Anthony Courthouse where my license was first suspended for refusing to pay money to a corrupt system. I simply emulated Ms. Anthony when she refused to pay her fine for voting in the 1872 presidential election. So there is more than one glass ceiling to be shattered. As for a woman president, that honor must go to a more honorable candidate.

Thank you independent-minded ladies for proving yourselves on election day.

God bless President-Elect Donald Trump and God Bless America.