Judicial Trifecta Costs University Professor Over $2 Million in Lawyer Fees


Produced by the Parenting Rights Institute

As part of its continuing series of video documentaries to expose corruption in America’s divorce and family courts, the Parenting Rights Institute is releasing this shocking ordeal of a university professor who was fleeced for more than $2 million in lawyer fees while being defamed as a terrorist by a trio of judges in Nassau County divorce court on Long Island.

This divorce has lasted twelve years with no end in sight. It began in 2004 when the ex-wife of Professor Anthony Pappas filed for divorce after 22 years of marriage. There was no issue of custody or child support because the children were of age and both parents were employed. The father of three was a professor at the prestigious St. John’s University.

However it was not long before lawyer greed took over this case when financial statements revealed several million dollars in liquid assets. Discovery processes were protracted with the professor’s own lawyer filing objections based on the needless and repetitive inquiries of Henry Kruman, a small town divorce lawyer retained by the wife to secure her “fair share” of marital assets.

These assets included trusts and investments cultivated by Professor Pappas or inherited from his family to pay for their children’s college educations. He was ordered to pay for all lawyer fees on both sides of this divorce thereby opening the door for Kruman to fleece the estate on behalf of a client too stubborn, vindictive and ignorant to recognize that their life savings were being lost to divorce court predators.

But evidently the money was not enough. When Professor Pappas began filing complaints to New York’s politically corrupted Judicial Conduct Commission and Attorney Grievance Committee followed by public protests, he was gang tackled by three judges of the Nassau County court system. In the video he describes it as a “Trifecta of Judicial Bullies.”

The first judge compared the content of the professor’s complaints to the “perpetrator of the Fort Hood Massacre.” The second issued a gag order prohibiting all complaints to any person or entity. The third issued a 30 year protection order based on a fictitious facial surgery which had no proof or mandatory report from any medical provider.

These defamatory statements and abusive court orders are still in place as this ever protracted divorce enters its 13th year of lucrative persecution. The PRI has assisted Professor Pappas by visiting various clerical and civic offices in search of justice. However, as our followers are aware, it is a trillion dollar industry we are up against with little or no monetary support for our reform efforts.

Brace yourselves for a video release that cries out for large scale protests at the Nassau County Courthouse in Mineola, New York (Long Island) and state Capitol in Albany. Such cases have led to suicides, severe depression and premature death, all for the sake of a lawyer enrichment scheme without public accountability which has been suppressed by our media. Leon and Tamara do their best to keep this complex story brief and relatable to all victims of our divorce industry, but seeing is believing.

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