Parenting Rights Institute releases report for Watchdog Group: Be part of it!

Make Parents Great Again !

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

On December 1, 2016, the Parenting Rights Institute (PRI) completed its Public Initiative Summary and Business Plan to become a watchdog enterprise for our nation’s divorce and family courts. Funding and investors are sought to bring our proven services to the next level.

This watch dog role is born of the sad truth that self-regulating judicial and lawyer commissions are failing us on a massive scale. Our creative responses have proven very popular as we come to homes, communities and courts to secure accountability one case at a time.

We feature video documentaries, inquiries and reports that expose misconduct to local media, oversight authorities and secondary news providers. We have been hired to monitor court proceedings including those of a university professor and doctor who together were fleeced of more than $7 million in lawyer fees.

PRI was founded in 2010 and converted into a private entity in 2012. Public funding was rejected to avoid government regulation and censorship of the kind which stymies other reform groups. It is also headed by a legal expert with over 23 years of prior court experience as a civil rights attorney, a parental advocate who has proven himself resilient to corrupt influences.

As parents, our authority over children is being systematically eroded by an antiquated custody scheme which incites needless but lucrative court battles that harm children, society, public health and our productivity as a nation. Shared parenting is blocked by powerful lobbies and bar associations across America and described as an epidemic in this new report.

It is a business plan in the sense that our goal is to become self-sufficient. But it is also a Public Initiative Summary, a hybrid report, due to an overriding mission to expose an epidemic while reforming our dysfunctional divorce and family courts. It may be compared to an innovation or patent with no precedent from which to set projections.

Please help us by sharing this post. If you are serious about reform and justice, you will make your own contribution while soliciting others to do the same. Without proper funding and a truly independent entity such as PRI, the victims in these courts will only grow in number.

We have already furnished copies to a lawyer and a member of the Trump transition team. Serious inquiries and requests for this report can be made by contacting our office at (315) 380-3420 or our PRI Director at (315) 796-4000. The opening segment is provided below:

Opening  Statement

On July 7, 2013, the New York Law Journal, Albany Times Union and secondary media reported that the chief ethics attorney and deputy lawyers for the New York Committee on Professional Standards were allowed to resign from their court-appointed positions. A state inspector general had discovered falsified time sheets submitted during the course of their important public work as the principal watchdogs over lawyer misconduct.

These were the standard-bearers of attorney ethics charged with a duty for correcting overbilling practices. Yet no public charges, ethical or criminal, were ever lodged against them, and they have continued to represent unsuspecting clients near the state capital. In any other office, such theft would have yielded criminal charges and exemplary punishment. Known as the Attorney Grievance Committee today, it has been criticized as the “foxes guarding the chicken coup.”

On July 17, 2013, the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption conducted its first hearing at Pace University in Manhattan. A product of escalating crime and ethical misconduct in state government, its purpose was to reign in corruption. A variety of good government groups were featured among the presentations including our Parenting Rights Institute, but the vast majority of speakers were not allowed in. A large number who did address the Commission focused on divorce and family court corruption, but none of it was addressed in deliberations.

Instead, when evidence began implicating top state leaders who had created this entity, the governor dissolved it prematurely. A federal prosecutor was among the presenters infuriated by that scheme to ward off accountability. He therefore seized the files and closed them with the conviction of the highest legislative leaders who run New York and appoint members to the state’s Judicial Conduct Commission. The 2015 convictions implicated prominent law firms and judges in the scandals, but for reasons that remain elusive, they were given a free pass.

In states across America, public corruption has become an epidemic. The election of Donald Trump represents a large-scale backlash by outraged voters who have tolerated too much in recent years. It is solid proof of a public eagerness to support an independent watch dog group impervious to dissolution or corrupt influence. In the case of our third branch of government, and domestic relations courts in particular, there is no such organization. It is a void of monumental proportion because, as this summary will demonstrate, children are being severely exploited.

The Parenting Rights Institute was created to fill this void in an extraordinary way. It is a member of the Koziol Media Group, a developing consortium of secondary news providers intended to counter the suppression of a growing crisis by mainstream media and the censorship of valid complaints by abusive court officials. The PRI has become a highly promising “Judicial Watch” for our divorce and family courts, today’s repository for costly social ills of all kinds.

The unique professional services developed over the past few years have been tailored to save victims one family at a time. This summary constitutes our plan to take such services to the next level. Unlike other investments, it has the added intangible return of improving our courts for the true benefit of children. It is said that no hearse comes with a trailer hitch. This investment is the exception. It will yield eternal profits to benefit future generations. Thank you for your interest.