What must be done about the censoring of divorce and family court reform?

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Only months ago, we were getting messages and phone calls from Europe to Hawaii and everywhere in between. Some of our postings received over 2,000 views in 24 hours. Today we are averaging less than fifty. Could it be Facebook and on-line censoring? It has already been confirmed regarding the IRS and its targeting of conservative groups like ours (never prosecuted by the Obama administration).

During the week before Election Day, we posted a column about the Justice Department and Attorney General Loretta Lynch blocking reports (including our own) demanding an investigation of Title IV-D funding abuses in our nation’s family courts. We called it a “Pay to Parent” scandal involving a trillion dollar industry. Our viewership tanked dramatically after that, for example yesterday’s publication which is reprinted below .

In reaction to that publication, some of our followers are pressing for courthouse protests across the country. However that will require major funding. We have generated a funding report behind a nationwide watchdog group for these courts. Help us overcome the censoring and financial strangling of one of the few reform entities, Parenting Rights Institute, which has done much more than talk and pontificate to fellow victims.

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By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

As a dedicated dad, I came close to contempt of court many times trying to protect my little girls from harm in New York’s family courts. As an attorney before that, I never once faced such a threat. But as today’s story will prove, fate or the good lord was looking out for us. Brace yourselves for this one!

Many of our followers remain incredulous over my public disclosures of a pedophile family judge, Bryan Hedges, who once presided over a custody war started by my ex-spouse, Kelly Hawse-Koziol (with monumental ignorance). Here at Parenting Rights Institute, we protect unsuspecting moms and dads from a growing epidemic in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

So here’s the proof, why we do what we do, and why you need to exercise the “donate” option on this site.

When I filed a motion to remove Judge Hedges from my case in 2011, I did so on grounds that no child should be cross-examined in private chambers without both parents present (known as a “Lincoln hearing” in New York). That alone was not going to work, but I had the added  grounds that Judge Hedges had been accused by his chief court clerk  of directing “political espionage,” and I had been a candidate for public office. She ended up with a $600,000 recovery for the retaliation she endured, Morin v Tormey, 626 F. 3d 40 (2nd Cir. 2010).

I was unsuccessful with a similar action because judges are immune from litigant lawsuits but not those brought by their employees (for identical misconduct), Parent v New York,  786 F. Supp.2d 516 (NDNY 2011). The court-appointed lawyer for my children, William “Potatoes” Koslosky, vehemently opposed my motion for Hedges’ removal.

As a veteran court predator, William Koslosky , a/k/a “F. Lee Billy,” wasn’t concerned about his so-called “clients,” my daughters. He was out to avenge my public criticisms of the Kangaroo court where he made his living. He declared  that Hedges had “a reputation beyond reproach.” And why not? Bryan and the other 35 trial judges disqualified from my case were filling his bank accounts at taxpayer expense. That’s right folks, “thirty-five,” a record in American court history.

Well, fortunately Judge Hedges did recuse (disqualify) himself so that my little girls did not have to come under his private inspection and discourse. Shortly after stepping down from my case to “avoid an appearance of impropriety,” Judge Hedges suddenly resigned upon receiving an inquiry regarding his recorded admission to sexual misconduct involving his handicapped five year old niece.

Now you have to stop and take a closer look at all those noun modifiers folks, to get a “feel” for just how sick and perverted this reputable jurist really was. The little one had multiple disabilities. She was deaf and mute, only five years old, unable to call out for help. And who would believe her anyway? This predator was the brother of her parent who had heard about the incident but could not prove it.

If that doesn’t disgust you enough, Hedges tried to defend himself from judicial ethics charges by explaining that her little hand was placed over his with no direct contact on his ____ while engaged in the act of ____. You fill in the sordid details. I’m beyond disgusted and still shaken by the knowledge of what I was capable of doing had I not won my motion for his removal before my girls got to the Syracuse courthouse.

My ex seemed pretty ho-hum about it all as a blind conscript of this child control industry. She joined Billy in opposing my motion with the childish rolling eyes, etc. You know the type. Provocateur on steroids. This one would have eloped with ex-Congressman Weiner as long as he was rich. Hedges’ incident was remote in time, but the high court permanently removed him anyway despite his resignation because he could run again for the same judgeship.

Impossible you think? Think again. That’s exactly what Judge Wade McCree, Jr. did in Michigan after admitting to sexual relations with a litigant mother in chambers while presiding over her child support case. It was hard to deny anything there because he got his mistress pregnant. Only then  was all his other misconduct exposed publicly. They should have changed his prefix from “honorable” to “shameless.”

How’s that for chamber deliberations? And  what about the prejudiced dad placed on a tether for support delinquencies? He was denied recovery, also in federal court, due to judicial immunity. Yes you read that correctly. Sex in chambers is now a “protected” act. Welcome to family court where everyone makes babies. And now the judge has a child support issue. Maybe his victim dad can preside.

Yeah, as our motto at Leon Koziol.com continues to be, “you just can’t make this stuff up.” In New York, the high court explained that Hedges’ misconduct was too inconsistent with the role of a family judge. Ya think? Seriously? Did I really have to learn that? The quintessential no-brainer maybe?

The proof is all there for you unbelievers, just look it all up for yourself after reviewing the court order which I obtained and reproduced above, see In re Bryan Hedges, 20 NY3d 677 (2013).

This pedophile judge went undetected for many years. So how do you know that your judge is trustworthy? Would you allow your little ones in the vicinity of any pedophile? That is why I have lobbied for mental evaluations of those who direct the same evaluations of parents and children in these courts and why you should stay out of them altogether. We offer a court program which helps you to do exactly that together with other professional services to protect your families and children.

This is not the “child business” as one family judge declared in my presence, it is “serious business,” very serious indeed! Call us anytime at (315) 380-3420 (office) or (315) 796-4000 (direct). And for the sake of others, please donate to our cause on this site and share it with everyone you know.