A united religion movement to end parent and child abuses in family court


Dr. Leon Koziol at a family rights conference at the United Nations in New York City

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Today, Deputy Clerk of New York’s Fourth Appellate Department, Alan Ross, reported that Judge Stephen K. Lindley denied my emergency application to see my daughters for the holidays. This came despite yet another disqualified family judge from my ten year ordeal, Daniel King, and the continued retaliation by his replacement, James Eby of Oswego. Both had made similar rulings and are now the subject of this ongoing appeal.

I have never been found to be unfit, never even accused of a crime, never found to have engaged in any domestic violence or harm to my children and a model citizen. My only real “crime” is my exercise of First Amendment rights to criticize our third branch of government while exposing the corruption which is being concealed or patronized there. As my thousands of followers worldwide know, I was unblemished as a civil rights attorney for over 23 years until I took a stand against my profession for all the carnage they inflict upon innocent parents and children for profit in these courts.

Presumably like the 35 trial judges disqualified from my originally uncontested divorce, Judge Lindley believes the latest retribution for my reform efforts will cause me to surrender my American beliefs. The following letter to the Vatican’s ambassador to the United States is one of my responses. And once again, please help us out with a purchase or donation on this site or http://www.parentingrightsinstitute.com.

December 20, 2016
Archbishop Christophe Pierre
Apostolic Nunciature of the Holy See
to the United States

3339 Massachusetts Avenue N.W.

Washington D.C. 20008

Re: Divorce and Family Court Epidemic in America

Dear Archbishop Pierre:

Recently you had occasion to converse with a friend and fellow advocate, St. John’s University Professor Anthony Pappas, of New York City. He outlined his concerns regarding the divorce industry of America and what it is doing to incite family and personal demise for profit. He asked me to supplement those concerns based on my thirty years of trial experience in these courts, not as a divorce lawyer (I actually had a moral policy against divorce retainers), but as a human rights advocate. I have annexed my most recent report on the alarming aspects of this epidemic.

It may interest you to know that Professor Pappas helped finance my trip to Paris for this purpose in 2014. I shared my work with reform advocates and fellow victims from various countries, many of whom participated in the million strong march to protest the terrorist attack on a newspaper office there. He was moved by a standing ovation I obtained at a family law reform conference weeks earlier in Washington D.C. It was sponsored by Dr. Joseph Sorge of Divorce Corp and featured parental and family advocates from most of our fifty states.

The Roman Catholic Church has taken on some very worthy causes here in America, but I will strenuously maintain that none is as critical as this one simply because it is at the root of so many others. The Church has been deceived or influenced to think that divorcing parents are incurring just punishments for their departure from bonds of matrimony. Alternatively, as Professor Pappas reports, the lack of activism is based on jurisdictional boundaries, archaic practices or diplomacy, precisely the factors which nurture the true evil that is lurking here.

The divorce industry has exploited Professor Pappas to the tune of $2 million in lawyer fees over the course of an endless divorce commenced by his ex-spouse in 2004. There were only adult children implicated, hence no custody or support issues. Yet the industry managed to persecute him for his public reform efforts to a level I am not at liberty to disclose here. In my case, it was much worse. My children were alienated without cause, and I was persecuted on all fronts to a point of seeking asylum in your native country. I survived only because of my genetics and faith in God. My dad survived five years in a Nazi concentration camp. My suffering pales in comparison.

It was a similar theme for a Jewish friend and another fellow advocate, Dr. Eric Braverman of Tribecca, Manhattan. In 2015, he asked me to monitor corruption in his courts where child custody issues enabled my profession to extort over $5 million in fees. His story was featured in the New York Post. It was a typical one for those who advocate for long overdue reforms to this industry. Its beneficiaries and predators destroy the public messenger through orchestrated retributions ranging from professional licensure to child deprivations. It is a process that would make any tyrant or underworld figure envious.

Tony is a dedicated parishioner of the Greek Orthodox diocese, and I had the pleasure of meeting Father Alex Karloutsos, his pastor, at the rectory in Manhattan. We were joined by Reverend James A. Forbes of Riverside Church in lower Manhattan (American Baptist and United Church of Christ) who has been called the Martin Luther King of New York. He actually concluded after our session that this fateful opposition to my profession had a much higher purpose (which I have yet to know or achieve). That brings me to you. My fervent hope is that you can influence a moral movement to prevent the human carnage which is occurring here, particularly to innocent children and future generations. My report details this silent epidemic.

I have copied a number of people relevant to this subject, including Special Counsel to Donald Trump, Michael Cohen, and transition team member, Juan Pablo Andrade. I have discussed matters in support of Mr. Trump both before and after his election victory on the phone and submitted my report to both in the past few weeks. I firmly believe that Donald Trump provides a rare and profound hope for making parents great again, the bedrock of a great America. I would be happy to discuss the matter further with you in person upon completing your review of the attached document.

Respectfully submitted,

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

P.O. Box 8302

Utica, NY 13505

(315) 796-4000