A Christmas Story: Make Christianity Great Again !

70 foot Christmas tree and manger scene at my home. The latter has managed to survive nearly thirty years atop roofs, my boat deck and three different homes. The moon made this photo a spectacular one last year.

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

On this Christmas Eve, I would like to take a moment to wish all Christian families a very Merry Christmas. Hopefully you are enjoying it with your children and extended family. However for so many others, like me, it’s a very different Christmas. My fellow divorce and family court victims know exactly what I am talking about. This story is for you.

I am unfortunate again this year to be denied any contact with my daughters because of New York’s anti-Christian family courts. They leave victims with only two options: bear the pain or take the so-called “law” into your own hands. This is because there is no legal recourse in these sick tribunals. They treat our children as objects for profit.

Yes, the news came in by electronic message from a freak of nature known as Kelly Hawse (Koziol). She’s the former mother of my children, now a state “custodial parent,” who decided that she “had other plans” and to give her “better notice next year.” Yeah you read that correctly-  “next year.” She’s the quintessential provocateur, already plotting to destroy next Christmas.

There are countless children in the world abandoned by one or both parents who would love to have a dedicated dad like me in their lives. I have never been found to be unfit or violent, never even accused of a crime, and other than the judicial retributions for my whistleblowing activity, I have remained a model citizen.

Kelly Hawse-Koziol is a Frankfort-Schuyler Social Studies teacher who has lectured her high school students, among other astonishing things, that the Nile River flows south. I corrected her long ago to the effect that it flows upside down on that map and toward the east. I sure hope she didn’t listen to me on that one like she does everyone else.

And so it should be no surprise that when corrupt judges and lawyers sought out any opportunity to retaliate against their conscientious nemesis, she was the “perfect” idiot for the job. For those of you following my ordeal on this site, you know the utterly immoral criminal acts committed upon me simply because feelings were hurt or egos were bruised.

But now they have taken the evil to a whole new level. You see, two weeks ago I filed emergency petitions with both the Fourth Department appeals court in Rochester and family court in Syracuse for a Christmas period with my daughters. On December 21, 2016, I was called by a court clerk to inquire of my whereabouts while the custodial parent, judge and court appointed lawyer for my children were waiting for my arrival for a 9 a.m. appearance regarding my petitions.

I returned the message later in the day informing the clerk that I had received no notice. Of course, they had proof of mailing while I had nothing, at least not until the following day when I got the notice with latent postmark. I promptly contacted the court, but Judge James Eby replied that he was going on a week’s vacation the “next” day (12/23/16) and would not order any Christmas time, leaving it to me to attempt arrangements with the geography expert.

This is the third Christmas in the last four years that I have been undermined in this fashion. In 2013, Judge Daniel King violated a higher court order by suspending my Christmas time in an order filed on December 23rd and received on Christmas Eve, thereby placing me in a condition of contempt by ambush. I actually risked an arrest on Christmas Day and was fortunate that our law enforcement had better things to do.

In 2014 the same judge claimed that my petition did not have an original notary. When I proved otherwise in person before his clerk, he simply shrugged it off again on December 23rd. Last year, I obtained a mere three hours with my daughters. But I could not recognize them because they had been severely alienated and living with an unfit, childless, millionaire boyfriend named Joseph Flihan Jr. (playing daddy). And now this.

The Christmas deprivation scheme is no accident. It is being executed by those having no regard for this pinnacle Christian celebration. We had “plans” too with gifts which will once again be returned or sent elsewhere. I have tolerated all I can after 35 trial level judges were removed from my case since our originally uncontested divorce was filed in 2006, unprecedented in American court history.

Next week I will plan a crusade to make Christianity great again in these courts. Starting with Buffalo, I hope to trace the Erie Canal through our upstate communities of the Third and Fourth Judicial Departments, finishing at our state capital in Albany. As I receive the ordeals of other victims, I’ll present them to the media along the way. We can call it “Tales along the Towpath.” Please help me make it a success, and stay tuned for a shocking disclosure here on December 26th.

I can be reached directly at (315) 796-4000.

Merry Christmas to all !