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Family Law Reform is all but dead because of victim apathy and lack of funding. Justice must therefore come from proven individual strategies such as a book, documentary or a limited time publication offered at Parenting Rights Institute. We have traveled across the country, lobbying for human rights in divorce and family courts. From Hawaii to Paris, France, we have shown beyond question that we are not the everyday talkers. For the past ten years, we have attracted worldwide followers. You can become a part of it. 

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Never before in American history have there been so many corrupt judges and unscrupulous lawyers without accountability. This New Year, we’re going to take our children back from the abusive, arrogant judges along with the lawyers and predators they enrich at the expense of our children.

Three reasons exist for the vast human rights violations they are getting away with. The first is lawyer glut. Our universities are turning out a million lawyer candidates a year, at one time more than all the practicing attorneys nationwide. There are more than 300,000 in California and New York alone. That’s a lot of lawyers and they have to work somewhere.

The second reason is apathy, excuses and plain laziness of the victims. Instead of joining our protests and donating on reform sites such as this one, victimized parents prefer the comfort of their homes keyboarding to no one who cares. The system does not see a problem because there is no real noise, so the abuses escalate at greater expense for the keyboarders, phone fighters and GED court experts.

The third reason is infighting. The self proclaimed experts eager for everyone to feel sorry for their case, and their case only (the foxhole syndrome) have all the right solutions just before returning to the bowling alleys, sports bars and shopping malls. There is no reform movement because we have too many groups coming and going by the hour in states all across America with nothing of substance to offer but watered down versions of a battle plan they cannot execute.

Our disunity is fueled by the first reason. The lawyers orchestrate court conflict for profit under mandatory custody laws, that antiquated form of institutionalized child rearing in which moms and dads are forced to war over that utopian “custody award” instead of presumptive shared parenting which is preferred under supreme constitutional law.

The easiest place to land a job is family court. This is where apprentices learn their trade, where law firms send their worst attorneys, and incompetents make a living off your hard earnings. They still use such propaganda as our “children’s best interests” while they masquerade as parental experts.

The ones who can’t make it in this glut-fest often end up on the bench. Once there, another gang of predators is unleashed from their cages: evaluators, psychiatrists, counselors, therapists, investigators, case workers, and even the latest concoction known as “divorce coaches,” all with differing opinions on how to raise your own children.

It’s more than a jungle, it’s now an epidemic. A Supreme Court Justice once described these constitution-free tribunals as “Kangaroo Courts”, see In re Gault, 387 US 1 at pp 27-28. No one wants to protest or invest in a reform movement, so the corruption goes on and you are its victims, a gold mine well guarded by bar associations and special interests.

Well, finally there is a real solution, a remedy to these useless ethics or oversight commissions which favor their players while targeting the whistle blowers, i.e., yours truly. It’s pay-back time for your children, your pain and your livelihood, a chance for you to hold a judge or lawyer publicly accountable here at Leon

Over the past ten years, we have exposed vast corruption, traveled from Hawaii to Paris in a conscientious effort to end human rights violations which routinely occur here. Our site is filled with examples despite a gross lack of funding. I have had over 35 trial judges disqualified and helped remove a few altogether from the bench, always working on more. No one can boast such an achievement.

Now it’s your turn. We have perfected a process of reviewing case files submitted from around the country. We distill the legalese into publications on our website. To date, we have generated over 200,000 views and countless followers worldwide. This allows us to gain immediate results on any Google search of our tagged villains. Their names propagate to the top pages to bring public accountability and even improved treatment in court..

For a limited time only, we are offering to do this for individuals at a low, low (total) cost of $250. That’s a phenomenal bargain when considering a single lawyer consultation may cost you more. Your case will receive my personal attention, and I have spent over 30 years litigating in these courts. I can keep this cost so low because I am providing no legal advice or lawyer service. I am providing true justice outside the court rooms.

So order your case publication now while this New Year’s offer lasts. Call our office at (315) 380-3420 or me personally at (315) 796-4000. Remember, I am a victim too and your most trusted advocate or friend. Despite my professional reputation taking on powerful people, I don’t bite, unless of course you are an abusive judge or self-serving lawyer. In my case, they included a demented judge whose gag order was removed from this website and a pedophile custody judge removed altogether from the bench!

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