It’s not just any White House Madonna, its our House and no one threatens to “blow up” our House !!!

One of many sick and demented moms engaged in full scale father alienation tactics this past weekend in Washington, protesting democracy and the will of the American people at the election polls. Where was Child Protective Services on this one?

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Madonna, that skank who made millions here in  America stated clearly in front of thousands of misguided protesters in Washington this past weekend that she was “thinking about blowing up the White House.” If that had been a man, particularly one of Muslim descent, he would have been hauled off in handcuffs. If Obama was still president, he probably would be in Gitmo by now after his scrutinizing of Ted Nugent regarding comments defending the Second Amendment.

That’s not just any White House, Madonna, it’s not even Trump’s house, it’s our house. Great American presidents like John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln have lived there if you bothered to study your basic history. Terrorists tried to fly a plane into our house on 9-11, and here you are inciting them to try it again? You single handedly destroyed whatever these protesters were trying to do. Have the liberals and socialists finally proven themselves as our true enemies on the inside exactly as the communists predicted? This is democracy and the voting booths they are protesting.

As a civil rights lawyer for 23 years, I saved many women careers and represented a former president of the National Organization for Women. So please, spare me the excuses and propaganda about what this was really about. It was an attack on America itself. We now need a pro-America rally with millions acting responsibly and not sexually in public. There were too many graphic messages ignored here that could have been shown to prove our point. But the cute, innocent, little girl with the vulgar sign? It had to be displayed. What a disgrace to our nation’s capital and our moral fiber as a civilized society.