Advocates for Divorce and Family Court Victims Seek Meeting with President

Parenting Rights Institute (PRI) has submitted a Public Initiative and Business Plan to representatives of Donald Trump to Make Parents Great Again ! Be a part of it !

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

If you are one of our thousands of followers globally, you know that the Parenting Rights Institute (PRI) has become a quasi-political action group in addition to a provider of vital services and information products to moms and dads in our nation’s divorce and family courts. From video documentaries to book publishing to court monitoring and professional reports, we have dispatched our expertise to communities across the country.

Now we are taking our successes to the next level with a business plan to generate donors and investors to our enterprise. In recent posts we gave you an early look at our opening statement. Here we provide our Executive Summary. You need to be a part of it by sharing this post with potential contributors you may know and donating personally here at Leon Call our office at (315) 380-3420 for a copy of the full report.

Parents are now being scrutinized and abused like never before. In our reports we have tracked the progress of a New World Order which is exploiting custody mandates and lawyer-orchestrated controversy to show the growing incompetence of parents to justify a state take-over of childrearing. It follows the path of education which was made compulsory and institutionalized in similar fashion. Fortunately that long term plan was derailed by the election of Donald Trump. But even he has little familiarity with this epidemic as he focuses on other issues.

We are seeking to organize a team of parental advocates to secure funding for our cause, the Parenting Rights Institute, and ultimately an audience with our new president. Obviously we have our detractors and retaliators: the lawyers and court predators who make a living in these courts by inciting wars over our offspring. These are human rights violations of monumental proportion. If you know of a funding source or are interested in the services we offer, feel free to call our office at (315) 380-3420 or me directly at (315) 796-4000.

And please! No trolls, spies, GED court experts, or vagina fashion models. We are trying to fund and organize a team truly representative of America’s victimized parents. Below is an opening segment of our business plan and funding request.


                                                                Executive Summary

Parenting Rights Institute was founded in 2010 as a parental advocacy group and converted into a business enterprise in March, 2012. It has seized upon a growing market of divorce and family court victims with unfilled needs such as lawyer and judge accountability. In virtually all states, judicial commissions and bar associations have failed in their self-regulatory duties. In 2016, for example, both New York and California reported that over 90% of complaints were never even investigated. PRI has therefore become a private “Judicial Watch” for domestic relations courts.

Beyond that, a secondary market has arisen for parents seeking periodic professional assistance as self-represented parties. In addition, a high demand has been verified for represented litigants to obtain independent and qualified assessments of divorce, custody and support cases by parent advocates removed from the influences of jurists, politics, bar associations and media. PRI has responded with such unconventional offerings as video documentaries for misconduct victims in targeted courts. We have authored books, submitted reports to oversight committees, supplied creative solutions to complex issues, formulated a Court Strategy Program ©, and provided interactive seminars. This niche has attracted a worldwide subscription base on three websites.

Due to its many reform activities, PRI has secured valuable contacts across the country. From victimized parents to network advocates, a ready base of volunteers exists to exploit an untapped revenue potential while advancing long overdue reforms to a divorce and family court industry that is harming businesses, families and our moral fiber as a nation. A vast pool of human resources is available for various contract assignments that can greatly reduce overhead costs in the early months of strategic growth activity. Satellite offices are already being cultivated through advanced use of laptops, i-phones and other technical devices in a highly mobile society.

This Institute was conceived by an accomplished trial lawyer with management experience in a Fortune 500 firm. Unlike other members of the bar, he is removed from influences that could otherwise compromise this bold project. Although the Institute has yet to file its first test case, Dr. Leon Koziol has filed many. His mixed results are remarkable given the lack of resources and compensated staff. Prior successes and a passion for justice verify a tremendous potential however. This is further verified by such overburdened enterprises as Judicial Watch, Human Rights Watch, Heritage Foundation and Amnesty International which are virtually inaccessible.

There is no comparable entity serving a quickly growing market for divorce and family court accountability. The “Custodial Institution of Childrearing,” as described elsewhere in this report is a trillion-dollar industry exploited by lawyers, psychiatrists, evaluators, counsellors, clerks, mediators, case workers, forensic experts and the latest addition styled as “divorce coaches.” Custody courts are now yielding controversy of unprecedented variety and intensity with victims prepared to sacrifice all their assets to achieve justice for their offspring. Donor funding and investments are consequently sought to satisfy this demand without the exploitation. A 2017 goal of raising between three and five million dollars has been set. Tentatively we are committed to a main office in Manhattan to open the same year and a multi-tasking staff of qualified advocates.

PRI Director Dr. Leon Koziol (center) with Sean Hannity (Prominent Talk Show Host) and Dr. Eric Braverman (Family Advocate), at a fundraising gala in Manhattan