Know the Real “Law” in Family Court: It’s Parents vs Lawyers

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Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

This will be a personal message to my thousands of followers. If it’s okay with you guys, I kinda think of you as family. Whatever differences we may have, we’re on the same team like it or not. Injustices tend to do that. But take heart, it’s an American team. Kindly let me explain. This may benefit you more than you know.

In recent days, I’ve received a flurry of calls from parents devastated by their experiences in family court. Nearly all were women, split evenly between moms and relatives. Their stories had a particularly devastating impact on me because I am a victim as well and can relate to your pain (unlike the lawyers you pay so much for). You cannot imagine being invited into so many painful ordeals while trying to survive your own over a ten year period.

I don’t know what the uptick is all about, maybe my predictions of a growing epidemic are simply coming true, but it prompted me to craft this heartfelt response. You’re going to have to read all of it. Nothing on television or your electronic devices is more important for the moment. Share it and promote it if you truly care about our children. Having spent more than 30 years litigating in federal and state courts, I will be giving valuable insights that no lawyer will regardless how much you pay in fees.

The simple and logical reason for that is a profound fear of becoming me, that is, a former civil rights attorney tortured in every unimaginable way for exposing court corruption. It’s in my reports, my filings and all over my blog site which has been targeted to the point of a family court gag order being imposed last year. That order was removed only after I was forced to challenge it in New York Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds.

So for starters, if you’re reading this at Leon, you’re in good company. A lot of others are studying it too: judges, lawyers, ethics investigators, watchdog groups, law enforcement, government employees, politicians, psychologists, law guardians, John the plumber, Mary the illegal alien, maybe even Donald Trump considering a Supreme Court motion his lawyer took interest in. It was one to have Justice Ginsburg removed from my case due to her politicking from chambers against Trump, the candidate, when it was risky to do so (Docket no. 15-1519 if you don’t believe me).

In the day, I was featured in the New York Times as a candidate for Congress, and Morley Safer actually traveled to my law office to interview me for a feature story on 60 Minutes. All that is on my blogsite in addition to some big cases I won over a stellar 23 years of practice until the retributions began because of my court reform efforts. I’m not doing this to brag, trust me, I needed all that persecution like I needed Hillary Clinton. I’m emphasizing my background because that is one thing my judge and lawyer adversaries cannot extinguish. They have forced me to advertise it to defend against their onslaught.

You see, these power abusers have made it their unbridled agenda to crush my public message and reform efforts by tearing down my reputation and credibility. They are banking on the belief that most of you are naïve, uneducated to their levels, and ripe for deceiving with a bevy of propaganda at their disposal. So that reverts us back to my public message which you will be pleased to know is still alive and growing along with the corruption in divorce and family court.

The cause for your pain, well most of you anyway, is a profit motive and revenue generating scheme in these courts. On the surface, you’re made to believe it’s about our children’s best interests, a legitimate system of justice where the rule of law prevails, and judges, lawyers, and parenting “experts” are all ethical and conscientious. When you come into court, it’s the standard “All rise!” Everyone stands up, pays homage to the one cloaked in the black robe, you’re directed to “be seated,” all the perfunctory exchanges are made, so impressive and intimidating, and then justice is served.

Now erase all that. It’s anything but that. Those routines are for the real courts not a tribunal which one Supreme Court justice labeled a “kangaroo court,” In re Gault, 387 US 1 at pg. 28. Truth is, in these courts, it’s all a “game.” And if you don’t believe that, I’ll show you page 21 of a January 15, 2014 transcript in New York Family Court where Judge Daniel King declared exactly that: “You know the game Mr. Koziol. You’re a practiced attorney.” Imagine that! You’re faithfully seeking justice, following protocols, paying big bucks for lawyers, more for court fees, your children are at risk of being legally kidnapped, and the judge tells you it’s all a game?!

Divorce and family courts are public battlegrounds where moms and dads can be fleeced of every last dollar. “Family” Court is the ultimate oxymoron. Lawyers and former lawyers on the bench will keep this war on families going because they can, and no one bold or conscientious enough is there to stop them. Well, except me maybe, while I’m still standing anyway. Let me ask you this: when was the last time you heard any judge question the fees that were being racked up in any family court case? Has any oversight committee anywhere looked into the abuse of tax dollars by judge-appointed child lawyers?

How can you expect accountability when the chief counsel and deputy lawyers of an attorney ethics committee are allowed to resign for falsifying their times sheets without any public ethics or criminal charges against them? They work for the judges, folks. They’re the standard bearers of attorney ethics with a duty for checking overbilling practices, and they were the lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me. Again, this is true, we don’t make things up on this blog site. That’s why our followers are growing. Look it up: Gavin, Oversight lawyers quit amid inquiry, (Albany) Times Union, July 10, 2013.

Well how about the judges then? Okay, let’s talk about the judges. When was the last time you read about a judge like Ruth Bader Ginsburg on our highest court giving a news conference like she did against Donald Trump, one to put a stop to all the carnage in our nation’s family courts? Everyone knows it’s happening. Their own studies conclude as much. So where’s the concern for the public from bar associations, licensed predators draining our children’s college funds?

I thought this was “family court.” What families are they talking about? Is it the people or the almighty dollar they are serving? Why are they acting so blind to an epidemic? In only a few days, my recent calls came from Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Florida, California and New York. I’m sure, other states will soon check in because this is a silent and insidious killer of good Americans and loving parents. No media are giving it the time of day because there’s nothing sexy here. It’s just a lot of “he-said, she-said” family squabbles too messy and personal to apply any First Amendment duties.

It’s anything but that, my friends. This is one giant war, Parents v Lawyers, not Parents vs Parents like they promote for profit in these courts. It is perpetuated by a federal bureaucracy acting as a “super parent” for America, abusing our tax dollars to provide incentives for state judges to manufacture the largest number and amounts of child support orders to receive kickbacks under Title IV-D of the Social Security Act. It’s a law claiming to improve consistency and reliability for support enforcement. In reality, it’s one big revenue generating scandal. Just ask former Georgia Senator Nancy Schaefer who campaigned across the country exposing that scandal until she mysteriously died in a highly investigated murder-suicide at the hands of her husband of 52 years.

Under that entitlement law, parents are required to name a superior “custodial parent” even when they earn roughly the same amount with the same parenting time, i.e. the two lawyer parents in Bast v Rossoff, 91 NY2d 723 (1998). This forces moms and dads to fight against one another for that almighty custody award while filling the bank accounts of lawyers. I mean come on here folks. Why do you think shared parenting, such a logical and progressive model for childrearing, is so vigorously opposed by bar associations and (predator) special interest groups (non-lawyer beneficiaries feeding off this system).

I have had my share of misguided critics and those planted to derail reform of their gold mine. Many have declared that this is all a state matter, so we should not be rallying in Washington. “Feds got nothing to with it.” In reality, such GED court experts prefer to bemoan their ordeals from the comfort of their home keyboards to no one who cares while these federal entitlement laws worsen, causing lucrative custody battles for lawyers, revenues for family judges and bankruptcies for parents. For us, it’s actually much worse in the form of suicides, murders, child alienation or seizure, premature deaths, serious health impacts and social ills. The list goes on.

I am nearing the completion of a profound and comprehensive book regarding this epidemic to be timed with the next retribution by the courts here in New York. It’s appropriately titled: Killing Courts: A True Story of Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry. It is designed, among other things, to incite a true reform movement and rally in Washington D.C. If we don’t make noise, there is no problem, and the carnage will grow even worse, harming future generations in unimaginable ways.

Will you join me in this nation-saving cause?

Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

(315) 380-3420