Finally! A Real Movement to Promote Parental Rights out of New York City

St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Ash Wednesday 2017

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

I love New York City. Sometimes I think my parents conceived me here before announcing my birth upstate because I feel so “at home” in the place that never sleeps. Shortly after getting my learner’s driving permit at age 16, my dad was bold enough to let me drive through the heart of this metropolis to pick up a relative at JFK Airport.

He took that risk because he had little confidence in his own ability. I had never been there before but the street grid and highway infrastructure were committed to my studious memory. That was long before the era of satellite guided travel. Well we made the 500 mile round trip without incident as my dad comfortably conversed with our overseas visitors.

Today is Ash Wednesday in Manhattan where I have spent the past week again on assignment seeking funds and investments behind a serious parental rights movement. My work was carried out at my usual “side office” at the New York Hilton. If you are a regular follower of this site, Leon, then you know how our constitutionally protected parental rights are being systematically seized and eroded in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

As a highly successful and unblemished civil rights attorney for more than two decades, the court predators (as I call the lawyers and “expert” child evaluators in these courts) took action to discredit and eradicate my reform efforts against this trillion dollar industry.

Their retaliation continues to reach volatile proportions as I will never back down from my conscientious stand against a profession that is harming parent-child relationships for profit. Today’s post is not directed to a rehash of my mission but to inform you that I remain committed to this cause on your behalf.

I have had the pleasure of speaking and meeting with court victims from Paris to Hawaii. In a matter of only hours today, I was contacted by moms and dads motivated to change this corrupt custody system from Florida, New Mexico, Queens, Brooklyn and, of course, my good friends out in Suffolk County on Long Island. We are building a real movement here based on big money and powerful political influences with our new administration in Washington.

I am not at liberty to disclose what is currently in the works, indeed, it may never happen given the bar associations and special interests armed with millions of dollars working against us. But I can disclose that we are soliciting hedge fund executives and highly connected individuals to reverse the federal funding abuses and family carnage in these courts.

There are many “keyboard warriors” and GED court experts undermining our crucial movement, but there are also those who know the real crimes and corruption that are being committed by greedy lawyers and former lawyers on the family bench. I have distilled this epidemic into a simple undeniable framework: It is the Lawyers versus the Parents. Anything else is pure apathy, propaganda or foolish naivety.

Therefore, I must emphasize that I am a paid consultant for individual cases and your foremost ally for united reform efforts. I will donate my time only to rectify court corruption and unjust infringements upon parent-child relationships that are general in nature. I am not a public defender, legal aid lawyer and no longer a practicing attorney. I am much more, a true parental advocate, this sick system’s worst nightmare.

Moms remain the principal callers and I rarely respond to electronic communications due to their lazy, one-sided, time-consuming and impersonal nature. If you are “broke” and have no money to offer this movement, I cannot divert my time to engage in therapy sessions.

If that offends you, check out your lawyers bills. That is your true enemy, and it will only grow worse under the present state of apathy and surrender. I did not cause those bills, I’m the one who got crucified for my stand against this gold mine. So wake up folks. Stop talking and keyboarding to no one who cares about your individual cases. We must finally unite, and I believe that hope is here in Manhattan.

We are fighting a legalized syndicate that is bankrupting our families and our children. In short, I am your best friend and most fearless ally. That means that I need the donations and investments from you or those you know so that I can open up a headquarters here in New York staffed by similarly fearless lawyers and advocates to come into your courts and assure genuine accountability.

As I walked the streets of Manhattan today, I was impressed by the number of people wearing the ash crosses on their foreheads. From NYPD officers in their patrol cars to the classy women shopping on Fifth Avenue, it was a sight to behold. Contrary to what our liberal media is portraying, this great city has not yet succumbed to evil.

Our brothers and sisters from other religions could be also be spotted in all the same locations dutifully donning their skull caps and head dresses. It left me convinced that a diverse America is not yet lost. But it will take a united stand by moms and dads to keep it that way.

It all moved me to walk a few blocks farther to St. Patrick’s Cathedral where a diverse cross-section of priests were busy administering those ashes to the ever faithful lining up in the corridors. Indeed, the masses themselves were insufficient to handle the crowds. Of course, 68 degrees on March 1st did not hurt.

So no more talking, pontificating or bowling priorities folks. Get me the money and I will make this reform happen with my past accomplishments to prove it. Why else do you think they are targeting me so viciously? Kindly share this message not for my sake but for your children and future generations of Americans.

P.S: I am advised that there is a rally for Rik Little of Scranton, Pennsylvania at a Brooklyn courthouse to see his children after seven years of no contact. Can you believe that such cases exist when life term prisoners get more court ordered time with their offspring? I do not have all the details but I am sure many out there do. I can be reached at (315) 796-4000.

New Trade Center in lower Manhattan, photo taken from the nearby Tribecca neighborhood where I stayed often last year while assisting a doctor fleeced of $5 million in lawyer fees. And he still lost his children in the end.