A True David-Goliath Battle to Reform our Nation’s Divorce and Family Courts as the Epidemic Worsens

Leon Koziol & 60 Minutes host Morley Safer in Koziol Law Office

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

 If you’ve lost your children to parental alienation, been victimized by a “custody war” or gotten bankrupted to avoid a “child support” debtor prison, your condition just got worse. They’ve killed off your true advocates who sought to reform this corrupt system.

You can ignore or even deny this, but like our overmedicated and overweight society, it comes back to bite you hard time and again. It’s an epidemic that’s underway in our nation’s divorce and family courts caused by lawyers and fee predators which is being censored on all fronts to protect a trillion-dollar industry.

If you’re a regular visitor of this reform site, www.leonkoziol.com, consider yourself fairly educated. You’re also in good company. Our adversaries have been targeting it for extinction since 2010. So far, I’ve survived the retributions, defamation and child exploitation, even removed a gag order from this site in New York Supreme Court.

From judges and bar associations to politicians and bureaucrats, they’re all reading the same alarming messages here. You see, they’re not concerned about the horde of self-appointed GED court experts leading the blind in a hopeless cause, or the insider trolls benefiting from the corruption who are putting out fires on the internet, they’re worried about those who know the corrupt system, those who could gain momentum through secondary and social media, qualified advocates exactly like me.

I never asked to be here. Who would want all this persecution anyway? I’m here because they came after my family. That’s when it turned personal. And they never expected to find such tenacity, their worst nightmare, in the one-man battles I have been forced into because of apathy and lack of funding. For those of you who require proof, I have no reason to give it, it’s all over my site, but in today’s post I’ll make an exception.

Among the many accomplishments, hence the credibility of my public reform message, are the cases I won in federal and state courts over a thirty year period. I will ask you to look up just one. It has all the proof you will need of my true qualifications and reasons behind such a vicious onslaught of retaliation.

In Oneida Nation v Oneida County, 132 F. Supp. 2d 71 (NDNY 2000), I represented a citizens group seeking to invalidate a billion dollar casino compact as a countersuit to a class action lawsuit to remove 20,000 landowners from their homes, farms and businesses. They existed in a politically weak region of upstate New York and struggled to find a lawyer or firm to take on a well-funded goliath.

I took on the cause and ultimately succeeded against the odds by helping to organize, fund and direct a citizen fighting machine against a lawsuit remarkably based on a 1794 treaty. And they’re now calling my lawsuits “frivolous!” I was able to get the casino invalidated in 2005, and this was one of the decisions I won to get there. Only months earlier, the same federal judge berated me before national media and a packed courtroom due to a news article he had read the prior night (true story).

But I did not let those insults (sure to cause any other lawyer to run) break my moral resolve, tenacity and ultimate victory. Yet that victory is not the real story here. If you look at the lawyers cited in the later published (cited) opinion, you will find my name affiliated with a prominent law firm, Bond Schoeneck and King, together with “of counsel” which had no involvement with our successful arguments. They were never at our trial table or podium, and I had never been associated with them.

It was an elitist, public deception which, like so many other injustices in my civil rights work, constituted a dilution and wrongful seizure of my life accomplishments. This was just another tactic typically employed in retaliation for my many David-Goliath battles protecting the little guys from government abuse. The same thing has been happening here in this family court reform movement but on a much grander scale.

As you study the complexities of the casino-land claim decision, you should take a look at all the law firms that I was up against, elite lawyers flown in from Washington, Manhattan and elsewhere. One of them is “Cravath, Swaine & Moore,” arguably one of the most prominent law firms in the world. While lobbying for reform these past two weeks in Manhattan, I had occasion to stroll past their expansive atrium and offices at 825 8th Avenue.

If you’re ever near Times Square, you should visit this massive building yourself to get a perspective on one of the most startling David-Goliath successes in the country at the time. I was featured on CBS 60 Minutes and front page of the New York Times. I was not only the law firm, managing partner and lead counsel opposing such giants, I was the ONLY counsel doing so for the citizens group that won this decision.

That was over 15 years ago. And now you know why they are targeting me so viciously today. There is a very real fear that I could succeed with long overdue reforms in our nation’s family courts if I ever became properly funded. It could lead to shared parenting laws in all states with corrupt judges and lawyers finally held accountable for the serious harm being inflicted on innocent children and unsuspecting moms and dads.

So the next time you read or hear about some defamatory statement made about me, refer them to this case. You are also welcome to call the law offices of Bond, Schoeneck & King to inquire whether I was ever affiliated with them in any way, let alone whether they had anything to do with this successful casino-land claim litigation. You should also purchase and promote my upcoming book: Killing Courts: A True Story of Corruption and Carnage in our Nation’s Divorce Industry.

We need funding folks, not therapy or war stories. If you have something meaningful to offer or refer our way, please do so not for my sake, but for your own children, families and future generations of Americans. I can be reached directly at (315) 796-4000.