Utica, New York, Divorce Lawyer, Mark McLane: R.I.P.?

Last week at Central Park covering a Donald Trump rally on President’s Day

I had been wondering why my settlement papers had not yet come in after three quiet months on my foreclosure case. The bank agreed to walk away from a $220,000 claim on my (former marital) home due to my exposure of a joint fraud carried out in a 2008 refinance transaction. It was executed without my knowledge by my ex-secretary (convicted and jailed in 2016) and her friend, the bank’s assistant branch manager (who was fired in 2009).

No one believed me when I defended this foreclosure action as a crime victim until disclosure papers revealed that my ex-spouse, Kelly Hawse-Koziol, may have been in on it. She was actually named as a defendant in that action even though all parties conceded that she was never present at that phantom transaction. Yet the bank and its prominent law firm proceeded with the foreclosure with full knowledge of the fraud and a transaction that no competent in-house lawyer would have approved.

Welcome to my world as a one-time civil rights lawyer who successfully took on corrupt officials. It’s just another part of the revenge saga which is continuing after ten years. When I discovered this fraud in 2014, I raised it in opposition to a bank motion for summary judgment (they were trying to avoid a public trial). Had I assumed the routine merit to foreclosure, I would have lost my home in addition to everything else for standing up to family court corruption. However my research paid off. I won two motions, and both the presiding judge and bank law firm stepped down (or were fired).

That’s when divorce lawyer Mark McLane entered the fray on behalf of my ex-spouse, one of many lawyers she retained to make Joseph Flihan Jr., a millionaire, childless, salesman, the father of my children. Shortly after his retention, Mark was institutionalized for a life-threatening condition. His lawyer brother took over temporarily, and then Mark made a recovery, returning to the fray with one known lie after another. He was out to destroy my rightful status as a natural father never found to be unfit, never even accused of a crime, drug or alcohol history.

In May, 2016, Mark berated me once again in a foreclosure settlement conference, chatting loudly beforehand with my ex-spouse concerning her undivided support of Hillary Clinton. At the time, they knew my support of Donald Trump, thought to be a joke and long shot for the presidency. Kelly Hawse even added that she had been an intern for Hillary if I understood her correctly. If that was true, she could not have been very competent from all the corrections I had to make to her resumes later on.

In June, Mark learned that I would not be obtaining settlement funds necessary for his lawyer fees. On January 18, 2017, I received the latest complaint from my witch hunt ethics lawyers regarding an “anonymous complaint” made during that same month of June. It concerned foreclosure testimony which no other lawyer or judge to date (reviewing the same transcript) found unethical. Today, I learned why our final settlement arrangement had been mysteriously delayed. The newest bank counsel informed me that Mark McLane had “passed away” on January 13, 2017.

Upon belatedly consulting the obituary, I learned that he had died “after a courageous battle with cancer” at an age close to mine. I also learned that he “grew up in Lowville, New York” where Family Judge Daniel King impaired contact with my daughters before disqualifying himself, also in June, 2016. Finally, in addition to blood relatives, Mark McLane left behind “his partner of many years, Debra Flihan,” who I am told now is the sister of my intended replacement father, Joseph Flihan Jr.

In November, 2016, divorce lawyer Mark McLane was still at it, raising lies and circumstances calculated to defame my rightful status as a natural father. You would think that after surviving death only two years earlier, he would have given this whole divorce and custody scam a rest. But it is an evil and addictive calling. How was he to know that his life would be taken only weeks later. I have never published a post like this, but on today’s date, I also received yet another decision from New York’s Appellate Division in Rochester that I may never see my daughters again.

This is a sick court system that I continue to fight, one that would make the Soviet Union and Third Reich proud. It’s all about the money and not any genuine concern for children. To all my deranged, greedy and satanic family court adversaries: you may think you’re all succeeding with something here, but you still cannot grasp the real judge and true justice. So here is some poetic justice for you to chew on in your lawyer rooms while you trade, deal and bad mouth your own clients. This justice had little or nothing to do with me:

My custody judge was removed from the bench after being caught admitting to sexual abuse on his handicapped, five year old niece. The judge who violated his own recorded procedure to cause my child support license suspension is long gone from the bench and was recently defeated in an election trying to get his old job back as county prosecutor. The ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against me were terminated after an investigation by an Inspector General who discovered their falsified time sheets (standard bearers of lawyer ethics charged with the duty for overseeing billing practices).

My ex-secretary influenced by outsiders to orchestrate ethics charges in my law office was finally convicted and imprisoned last year. The entire Fourth Department appeals court disqualified itself on April 28, 2010 (yet still ruling against me today), and over 30 trial judges have been removed from my family proceedings since 2008, unprecedented in American judicial history by my research.

Worst of all, my children have lost a model father due to the money-lusting “custodial parent” Kelly Hawse-Koziol.  Their college funds are also long gone. As for their never retained, judge- appointed lawyer, William Koslosky, all you have to do is look at him. Justice for his crimes will come when the time is proper. Until then, “F. Lee Billy,” keep the malpractice going.

There is much more to come with a motion filed to remove confidentiality over my ethics proceedings and a report being reviewed by outside authorities. In all this chaos and mayhem, I am reminded of the blockbuster movie, Devil’s Advocate, when I finally realized that my morals might no longer qualify me to continue in this profession. I am no holy roller, but I also have no reason to justify my weekly attendance at church services to anyone. It’s a private matter, as is our nation’s parent-child relations. They are off-limits to psycho lawyers and money-grubbing court predators. It’s not me saying this. It’s always been that way, since the beginning of civilization. It’s how we all got here. Deal with it!