Is there a Parent Revolution Brewing in America Today?

April 6, 2017

By Dr. Leon R. Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Since releasing my March 1, 2017 Report to the Trump Administration, I have received calls and electronic communications from across the country and Canada. At first they came predominantly from moms, 90%. Finally the dads weighed in to make it a 60-40 split in favor of moms. But this movement is anything but a gender competition. That’s what the lawyers and court predators want it to be so they can grab your last dollar and blame the controversies they cause on you when the money’s gone.

I will summarize here what I have stated to my callers. First I’m not a therapist. I will take emergency calls but cannot simply hear war stories. If I did that all day, I would earn nothing and my utilities would be shut off. Second, I will not give out free legal advice. Anyone who has bothered to read my background and sacrifices for this cause would know that my adversaries have retaliated, discredited my reform message and are scrutinizing everything I do including a gag order on this site which I had to get removed in New York Supreme Court. Third, I can give your personal cases professional assistance only through the services and products offered on my site at Finally, I am only interested in those who have something to offer the greater reform movement since few are willing to donate any money to this site.

To that end, I have received a response to my report to the Trump administration. It is simply this: They have no interest in individual cases and will react only if we show there is a problem. That means we need a rally in Washington. We need to get serious about an event on 9/17/17, Constitution Day, to take back our parenting rights. Our Supreme Court declared it to be the “oldest liberty interest protected under our Constitution,” Troxel v Granville, 530 US 57 (2000).

After 30 years litigating in these courts, the last 10 trying to get keyboard warriors to leave the comfort of their homes (pontificating uselessly to no one who cares) we need to join together to do something real for reform purposes. I have remained unsuccessful in getting a march or rally on Constitution Day for the past ten years. Now the timing could not be better for such an event. This past month I have been given some genuine encouragements from court victims. Now it’s time to stop the talking, the crying, the poor-me stories and take on the spirit of America. We need to take a stand against a corrupt court system that is destroying parent-child relationships. Let’s do it.

For serious callers, my office number is (315) 380-3420.