Trump Bashing Causes New York University Event to Crash with Parallels to Family Court Corruption


By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

I went there to gain an intellectual perspective on American politics in light of all the corruption occurring in our nation’s divorce and family courts. The event was entitled: One Year Under Trump: Solutions for Restoring Law and Democracy. It was a sold out panel discussion which I was invited to attend by a professor in Manhattan, and it was held at New York University School of Law (Vanderbilt Hall Auditorium).

The panel was headed by George Stefanopoulos and included a New York Times Magazine Writer, New York Post editor and former federal prosecutor Preet Bharara who is currently a faculty member at the law school. I testified along with Mr. Bharara and Obama’s former Attorney General Loretta Lynch before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University in 2013.

Barely into the discussion today, it was clear that this was organized as a Trump bashing session. Everything was focused on the negative, all the so-called “norms” ( not laws) which our duly elected president was violating. How can anyone expect overdue reforms to a self protecting bureaucracy in Washington without violating “norms?” Isn’t that what Bill Clinton was “doing” with Monica Lewinsky? Was it a norm for Bill and Loretta to discuss a pending federal investigation on the Tarmac in Arizona?

There was no mention of the promises being fulfilled by this president less than one year into his term, nothing regarding job growth and stock market improvements. I learned nothing other than the double standards and extent of venom which liberals were willing to exact in violation of the paramount law of democracy, and that is the will of the people at the polls. I could not last in this audience. I left early across from a guy who may have chosen another option of being passed out and snoring.

But there were good aspects. Preet Bharara was entertaining and eloquent. He gave valuable insights into the prosecution of corruption, and he even complimented his former boss before giving his own analysis of our titanic state of affairs. I can relate to his ordeal because I too was terminated by my boss, the mayor of my city as its corporation counsel for sticking to democracy and rule of law by opposing his gag order on city employees, Koziol v Hanna, 107 F. Supp. 2d 170.

There were other good aspects. The professor was able to personally deliver a copy of my book, Satan’s Docket to Mr. Stefanopoulos, and another will be delivered to Mr. Bharara at his law school office tomorrow. One highlight of the panel was a joint claim that this president did not seem to know when he was lying, as if Hillary or any other politician was different. Indeed it was the same theme of divorce and family courts where false accusations are routine and never held accountable. What is the purpose of swearing under oath in those “constitution free” tribunals?

Prior to the NYU law school symposium, I visited the U.S. Attorney’s Office in lower Manhattan with a goal of securing a federal investigation of my horrific ordeal, other cases of family court corruption and the abuse of federal Title IV-D funding in these courts. Suffice it to say, my book is making its rounds to places of authority and influence.