Don’t Miss Radio Program “Talk of the Town” Featuring Dr. Leon Koziol and his new book, Satan’s Docket, November 15th

Paris, France: the setting for Part One of the book, Satan’s Docket, where Dr. Koziol and a fugitive mom from California meet by chance to discuss strategies for protecting their parental rights


This interview will be aired on Radio WUTQ 100.7 FM in Utica, New York tomorrow morning, Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. It is sure to be exciting. Here is an excerpt from chapter 2 of the book which may convince you to tune in:

Chapter Two: Overground Railroad at pages 15-16

Unlike victims of domestic violence and child abduction, there was no established network for aiding victims of child support abuses. After ten years in the parental rights movement I could only discern a collection of keyboard warriors, few committed protesters and no lobbying group. Gender discrimination was routinely overlooked, and whistleblowers were made to appear crazy.

In my experience with divorce victims, growing numbers have been subjected to psychiatric evaluations on the slightest allegations of a scorned ex-spouse or money-grubbing lawyer. The psychiatrist, employed by the court, had little or no confidentiality duties to a non-patient, just another protected anomaly of a sick system that few knew about until it was too late.

In the end, parents rightfully stressed over the threat of losing their children in a custody battle, or debtor imprisonment for child support, would be made to believe they were basket cases. If the parent was a father, his condition might be nothing more than resistance to a justice system sworn to equality which still discriminates on account of sex. In my reports and court filings, I compared it to the anger issues of slaves opposed to their condition prior to the Civil War.

These terrible Americans had a lot of audacity to oppose such corruption, raising constitutional rights no less. They must be suffering from some made-up disorder which can then be treated by experimental medication prescribed by a legalized drug dealer. It bore striking resemblances to Nazi practices designed to quell opposition to the Third Reich.

By the time the system was done protecting itself, the whistleblower could be dispensed as a nut case to any media inquirer or oversight investigator. Accurately put, it was more proof of dysfunctional justice, voodoo therapy for court created chaos having a ready cure at any local bar, coffee shop or fitness center.

These particular court predators would issue all sorts of alarming reports to fill their egos while currying favor with their employers. There were some 300 human disorders and 600 discernible conditions in the DSM-5 manual that were accepted for insurance purposes. Most of them were subjective, encompassing every kind of natural behavior, and the only condition not defined in it was normalcy. Every lawyer and judge I ever knew could be diagnosed under this manual.

The involuntary referral practice begged the obvious question: what would a psychiatrist have to gain by reporting accurately to his employer that a parent was normal, an “atta-boy” award at some banquet? A psychotic psychiatrist might even justify the greed by concluding that a normal report would rise to a level of contempt. After all, if a judge ordered an evaluation, it must be serious even though that judge knows nothing about psychology, parenting or our children.

Indeed, the judge and psychiatrist might be more likely candidates for therapy given their callous indifference to this epidemic. During my law practice, I pleasantly came across psychologists who refused to accept court assignments due to the aggravated harm which the system itself inflicts. The drug industry may be the most unconscionable predator of them all with a ready flow of addicts that yields untold profits. The medical profession then weighs in, treating all the cancer and physical side-effects to yield the most comprehensive whore house ever imagined.