A Christmas with Kristen


A mom and her daughter, Kristen, singing : “All I Want For Christmas Is You” at my 2017 Christmas Party.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

Okay she wasn’t my Kristen, but a fine young lady nevertheless with the same first name from a neighboring school, Rome Free Academy. She joined her mother for my annual Christmas Party at my home this past Saturday. At age 16, this Kristen was intelligent, personable and popular among her classmates. She even brought along one of them to help set things up.

Kristen never sings Karaoke. At least that’s what her mom told me in my living room while we both watched her sing one song after another during the course of a festive gathering among friends and family. As she explained it, her daughter looked up to me as a father figure unlike so many parents these days who could care less about their offspring. I guess it made her feel more comfortable and confident, the way every child has a right to feel with both parents.

It was during a prior night while making plans for this party that I learned about her pain, feeling abandoned and unable to share her high school achievements and activities with her real father. Sadly, at one point, both mom and daughter began weeping at this sad state of family affairs.

I did my best to console them by lamenting that I don’t even get phone calls from my girls who would not even be alive today if it had not been for my decision to put up with their mom (when she was one) for so many years (I have the videotapes and letters to prove it). And I’ve never done anything wrong to them, never been found to be unfit, never even accused of a crime. Meanwhile “rehabilitated” heroin addict mothers are being reunited with their children every day.

The crying stopped when I continued to lament that I haven’t known my two daughters (roughly the same age) for almost four years now, courtesy of a money-lusting court system and their “custodial sociopath,” Kelly Whorse-Koziol, (their current “fake mom”). She gives gold diggers a bad name! I mean who really does this to their own young, lying under oath, filing fraudulent offense petitions (all thrown out) just to suck out any dollar from anyone so that she doesn’t have to earn it. And that includes nearly $50,000 in tax-free “child support” two years ago. I did not get so much as a thank-you.

But as I’ve stated time and again, the fake mom will face judgment some day, the real kind that some call karma. It’s already happened to so many other villains who have been a part of this father replacement scandal, a desperate scheme to have a childless, millionaire substitute for the real dad I have always been and always will be. This whole ordeal reeks of potential bribes and a drug culture. You can learn about the justice that finally came their way in earlier posts here at Leon Koziol.com.

It makes you wonder about freaks of nature like Kelly Hawse-Koziol: Could she possibly have been born without a human conscience? Read all about it in my recent book release titled, Satan’s Docket, available at http://www.parentingrightsinstitute.com. Many thanks to Al, Mel and the karaoke group, Sound Investment, which donated their time and services to make this Christmas gathering special.