Family Court Sequel, Rocky v Rambo: Part I, Round 3


Parenting Rights Institute

If you are a follower of Leon, you’re in good company. Judges, lawyers, investigators, politicians, maybe even an Indian chief are monitoring us regularly along with 6,000 registered followers and an unknown viral number from Europe to Australia. There are 5,000 on Facebook alone.

We are not a social entity. You might say we are your “Hired Gun,” investigating, exposing and stopping court corruption at It is a specialized line of work because the judicial branch of government is a self-policing one with ethics commissions around the country that look into as little as 10% of all citizen and litigant complaints.

Our work is based on decades of experience litigating civil rights cases in federal and state courts as high as the United States Supreme Court. We are not a nonprofit or government funded enterprise because then we could become regulated and censored.

Even so, a family judge imposed a gag order on this site in 2016 which was removed after we sued him in New York Supreme Court on First Amendment grounds. Confidential attorney ethics reports against the founder of this Institute, Dr. Leon Koziol, contained exhibits of his website posts which they found offensive.

However these standard-bearers of attorney ethics never acted on those publications because they were accurate. Also the First Amendment got in their way. Then those same ethics lawyers engaged in the witch hunt against Dr. Koziol were allowed to resign quietly after they were caught falsifying time sheets. They were never publicly prosecuted and still practice law in New York’s Capital District (Torncello, Devane and Zayas).

In today’s New York Post, it was revealed that Governor Andrew Cuomo backed down on a law requiring judges to maintain time clocks to assure a minimum 40 hour work week for the $200,000 they now receive annually. It was intended to reduce overcrowded court dockets.

In the same newspaper, Facebook was promising to continue their scandal of selling our private information to advertisers. At one time, this site was getting over 2,000 share notices on some of our posts. The largest one recommended psychiatric evaluations of judges like other important officials must undergo as a condition of employment.

Today our site gets only a handful of likes or shares. So if you don’t think that parenting rights, father discrimination and judicial corruption are being suppressed by mainstream and secondary media owners, just read some of the shocking disclosures here and the lack of accountability which followed.

Also in the New York Post today, Brooklyn Assemblywoman Diane Richardson was being blasted for an anti-Semitic “rant” as it was called after she blamed Jews for the gentrification of our people at a board meeting. Some refused to accept her apologies, demanding her resignation instead on grounds that any such bigotry has no place in public office.

Well we have such a case in upstate New York involving a Utica City Court Judge Gerald Popeo. He was merely censured by the New York Commission on Judicial Conduct (2015) after a hearing judge found that Judge Gerry had made racist remarks in office to an African-American lawyer and threatened to come off the bench to assault a litigant.

This is far more reprehensible misconduct in public office because Judge Gerry had also committed serial violations of due process while committing his victims wrongfully to jail. In one case, he caused an African-American former city official to attempt suicide in a jail cell. The charges were later dismissed by a jury.

After 23 unblemished years as a successful civil rights attorney, Dr. Koziol was that former official’s attorney. But he was being prejudiced due to the witch hunt for his judicial whistle blowing activities, see i.e. Patterson v City of Utica, 370 F. 3d 322 (2nd Cir. 2004)($333,000.00 verdict argued before a current U.S. Supreme Court Justice).

Now rock-em, sock-em Gerry, in a black (not white) robe, has been assigned from city court to Dr. Koziol’s 12-year custody-divorce-support case as an “Acting Family Judge.” Yes you’re reading that correctly. At a time when domestic violence prevention is a main agenda of such courts, Judge “Rocky” Popeo has arrived after being excused for threatening litigants with violence from the bench.

This neanderthal was assigned as trial Judge #41 after 39 were previously removed from Dr. Koziol’s case for various reasons. He will be presiding over a civil rights advocate in central New York with the power of contempt and punitive incarceration. But the case is now headed for New York’s high court in Albany where we hope to organize a protest to finally remove Judge Gerry from the bench altogether.

To keep our followers interested in participating in such crucial reform activities, we have spiced up our reports on Judge Gerry with a satirical series we call Blockbuster Family Court: Rocky v Rambo. Rocky is being played by “Actor” Family Judge Gerald Popeo. And his opponent Rambo is the people’s advocate, Dr. Leon Koziol.

To recap rounds one and two, as expected, Judge Gerry came out swinging. And the “judges” scored the opening one unanimously in his favor. That’s because his opponent was not even allowed in the ring. Gerry was swinging away from the bench like a psycho at no one there. Rocky wrote a custody decision without hearing any argument from Rambo Koziol.

In Round 2, Judge Gerry was chasing down Rambo with his sheriff deputies armed with a summons after the targeted dad exposed a back room deal and failed to show up for a court date. On February 27, 2018, they nearly got him, but Rambo escaped into the mountains somewhere near Old Forge, New York.

Undaunted, Rocky’s posse pursued him relentlessly breaking all sorts of laws along the way. But a trap was being set for them. While they were purporting to follow “the Law,” Rambo was busy working the internet, exposing their mis-deeds and relying upon his civil rights skills to defend against the onslaught. The judges scored this round even.

In Round 3, today, Judge Gerry was back in the ring, and this time the litigant was present. Rambo struck first by filing a motion to reopen Popeo’s private decision and sue him directly at the same time in a higher court. He followed with a flurry of strikes to all parts of Popeo’s big head and scary face.

Judge Rocky’s trainer, Syracuse Administrative Judge James “Bond” Tormey was not happy at ringside. There were punches for bias, racism and revenge as disclosed privately before the fight to Koziol by Popeo at a local bar. It sent Rocky to the canvas and a five-count before the judge resumed his family bench.

To everyone’s dismay, Rocky recovered and responded with a shot to the groin by ignoring the sworn witness statements against him. He “handed down” a decision today which declared that he was not biased and that his racist past, violent threats and revenge for Koziol’s complaints did not mean he would be an unfair judge.

In the process, Judge Gerry called a U.S. Marine witness a liar, that a heated discussion at a local bar between Rocky and Rambo last summer never even occurred. But when you’re Rambo, targeted by overwhelming odds from “the law,” you keep your i-phone in record mode.

Hey, when you’ve survived against a corrupt system this long, you learn to use all the natural weapons at your disposal. It especially comes in handy when a lying and corrupt judge buys you a beer and begins discussing things he should not.

Stay tuned for Round 4. Share this post, join our fight and watch as this court room boxing match progresses. I mean, with all the psychotic craziness which goes on in these lucrative forums, can we really dignify them with the titles of judge and court room?