Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen and Civil Rights Advocate Leon Koziol Discuss Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Removal


Sean Hannity, Dr. Leon Koziol and Dr. Ari Braverman during the summer campaign of Donald Trump for President in Manhattan

During the summer of 2016, at the height of Donald Trump’s nomination process for president, Civil Rights Advocate, Dr. Leon Koziol and Trump lawyer Michael Cohen engaged in phone conversations regarding a motion to remove Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg from a case then pending before the Supreme Court. It was based on her breach of judicial ethics in news interviews conducted from chambers against Trump’s candidacy.  Did the FBI monitor those developments and disclosures here at Leon Details on this site and case entitled, Leon R. Koziol v United States District Court for the Northern District of New York, U.S. Supreme Court Docket No. 15-1519 (2016)