Coming soon to a family court near you: Satan’s Docket! Get your book now.

Okay ladies, you know these guys are quite handsome and manly, you gotta give them that, lol, but they’re much more, thet’re genuine men who refuse to surrender to today’s liberal dad-hating machine. That’s why they all purchased books on the day of their first release: Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry. It is a highly educational literally work on the realities of our corrupt domestic relations courts. You will be treated to a shocking ordeal of a judicial whistleblower seeking international protection in Paris spiced with intrigue, romance and humor that would make John Grisham envious. You women will enjoy it most!

It’s a phenomenal read, Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry. A mere $30 for an autographed hard copy, you could save immense harm to your children and family, thousands of dollars, even millions, in lawyer and court fees.  As the book sales grow, so do the praises and the criticisms. It is a documentary of the undisclosed corruption which is occurring in these self-regulated courts. And it is told in the way of a thriller based on a true story, a judicial whistleblower seeking escape from the persecution by judges and lawyers.

Like any controversial release, it is drawing lots of commentary. Moms and dads of all ages and origins are approaching the author, Dr. Leon Koziol, discreetly and otherwise, with tips regarding additional corruption. This past autumn, the author was interviewed on another popular radio program known as Gomez and Lisa at the White Lake Inn nestled among the foothills of New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

Ironically, co-host Lisa is eager to publish her first book. Upon obtaining an autographed copy of Satan’s Docket, she asked for professional assistance from its author. As many followers of Leon already know, Dr. Koziol offers writing and publishing services as Director of the Parenting Rights Institute. We are even exploring the writing and publication of a semi-pro football story to shed further light on this epidemic. Now for a book critique on Satan’s Docket from a professor at a prominent university in New York City.:

Professional Book Review

Dear Dr. Koziol;

After joining you at the United Nations Family Rights Conference, I am now pleased to offer my critique of your book, Satan’s Docket: Corruption and Carnage in America’s Divorce Industry. This was a challenge considering you wrote and published alone. With what I have reviewed these days, I was happy to find no grammar or typing errors.

In a literary work such as this, one would expect much legalese. However, the reader here is pleasantly captivated by this unprecedented journey of yours not unlike Edward Snowden to remote places such as Paris and Greece. All the while, you are exposing corruption at every turn of the page.

I can relate to your persecution. Indeed, a pair of Berkeley law professors recently published a column regarding censorship in our universities. Your ordeal is a portend of things to come, a story flavored with history, romance and humor that would impress any tour guide. It is the adventure you have crafted that will elevate public awareness.

I was fascinated with the chapter, Orchestrated Law. It is a course which should be offered in every law school because it shows the realities of our court processes. The chapter, Sum of All Evils, was similarly intriguing as you instruct the reader how to operate a divorce practice as your ex-secretary did without getting caught for so many years.

As you know, my own reform effort here in Manhattan is focused on increasing the involvement of our religious institutions. It is therefore my pleasure to recommend your book with two paragraphs from Chapter Three (Religion Under Seige). In context, you are making a pitch to Dr. James Forbes, nationally renowned civil rights leader:

“Reverend, as I see it, religion on all fronts is being conquered by an evil blitzkrieg. It’s like the last world war with the allies. People know it’s coming but not a single religion is doing anything about it. We have these huge cathedrals, temples and churches as a testament to our collective belief in a higher power.”

“But they’re like that Maginot Line, a giant disconnected, antiquated fortification that failed to prevent the modern invasion. We can make a pilgrimage to Mecca or Jerusalem but everything from Hollywood to Wall Street is advancing through the Ardennes.”

Dr. Anthony Pappas, Professor

St. John’s University

PhD, MA, MPhil

Yale University

With judges, lawyers, clerks and court victims from around the country buying this book, get your copy at www.parentingrightsinstitute or call our offices at (315) 380-3420. Please share this post, make it viral for the sake of all court victims.