Happy Fathers Day America!

Fathers Day in a Happier Day!  Now in their teens, I try to assure my daughters that I’m a very liberal dad. Each one can date any boyfriend she likes because the three of us are going to have a great time together.

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

We are fortunate as a nation to celebrate a day dedicated to half the parenting population, fathers who have been responsible for bringing us a well rounded family life, men who sacrificed their lives overseas and in our communities to assure that our children are free and safe, dads who got up for work each day, putting in long hours to make a better life possible for future generations.

Unfortunately our government is systematically eroding this tradition of fatherhood. Mothers are next, growing in number as alienated parents. It won’t be long before parenthood itself is institutionalized as education was or extinguished altogether as part of this New World Order. It is being done today through federal incentive grants which remove dads, good and bad, from our children’s lives, an antiquated custody framework for divorce and family courts which entices needless but lucrative court battles, a collection of predators that destroy children and steal their college funds.

While liberal politicians across the country support illegal immigration for purposes of preserving parent-child relationships, no one is calling for the preservation of legal parent-child relationships for our own citizens in these courts. And as the propaganda and corruption grow, so do the crime, drug abuse, suicides and teen pregnancies. The state’s destruction of fatherhood for profit is the primary cause of all that and more. For my part, as a long time civil rights attorney and model parent, I took up a cause ten years ago to end this horrific epidemic in favor of shared parenting laws. It led to unprecedented retributions from New York’s judicial branch of government. This is where all the profiteers and custody beneficiaries reside.

Today I received a telephone call from my teen daughters. I’ve been removed from their lives for the past four and a half years due to my testimony against this corrupt system before the 2013 Moreland Commission on Public Corruption at Pace University. I exposed judge fabrications, abuses of Title IV-D funding, my administrative judge successfully sued for “political espionage,” and my custody judge removed from the family court altogether for sexual abuse of his handicapped five year old niece. Within three months I lost my daughters based on such concoctions as a “prohibited alcohol related gesture” (wedding toast). I have never been charged with a crime, never been contacted by any child protection agency, and never been found to be an unfit parent.

How different things could have been had the state’s “custodial parent” stayed out of court. The real mom died in spirit long ago. But she was simply ignorant beyond comprehension, putting her status and money interests over that of our daughters. She went through at least five lawyers, 41 trial judges, twelve years of mutually destructive court proceedings, spent untold amounts in lawyer fees and court costs that could have been put into a college fund, she obtained no increases in so-called “child support,” our original divorce judge in our originally uncontested case made a ruling after three years that our original separation agreements were fair and proper under the support standards acts, and the reputation damage she incited can never be repaired.

In the end, Kelly Hawse-Koziol took no blame in the psychotic manner which only family court can teach. And still, like the proverbial “energizer bunny” or “bull in a china closet,” she presses on. I guess she knew more about these courts as a school teacher  than I did despite my 23 unblemished years as a trial attorney which yielded such a promising future for my girls. And yet she manages to assuage her guilty context, her many perjuries, and greed-infected frauds on our courts by explaining it all away with a straight face. Just how much negative attention is enough? She started all this despite all my warnings and takes no responsibility for the well predicted outcomes.

Nevertheless, I press on as well so that my daughters and their children will not have to suffer as we did. Today, after all this, we can continue, business as usual to the glee of incompetent lawyers (you would be shocked at the clear malpractice of her latest one), or exit this “Satan’s Docket” once and for all. In the latter context, with proven resourcefulness, I may still be able to salvage a better future for two innocent girls.