Help needed to promote corruption report seeking federal investigation of family courts.

Dr. Koziol & Associates at Supreme Court

By Dr. Leon Koziol

Parenting Rights Institute

The support for a federal investigation and congressional hearing continues to grow from all parts of the country. The ordeals are shocking and they share one important element, the need for a united front to get our federal government aware of the carnage it is causing to moms, dads, children and families in our nation’s divorce and family courts.

I have been involved in the parent advocacy and court reform movement for over ten years. As a judicial whistleblower, I sustained horrific retributions which led to an indefinite suspension of my unblemished 23 year law license together with a five-year loss of contact with my daughters. I have never faced any criminal charge, malpractice or child agency report.

During my ten year crusade, I attended and sponsored numerous conferences in New York, Washington, United Nations and other locations from Paris to Hawaii. Along the way I met many wonderful moms and dads in need of vital assistance. I did what I could to help, but the scrutiny of my website and activities impaired those efforts. A family judge went so far as to issue a gag order against me which was removed after I sued him in New York Supreme Court.

Unfortunately, despite my best efforts and those of other parental advocates, a united front has never materialized, hence the carnage is actually growing unabated. The consequences of my efforts have recently elevated to a life threatening level not unlike that which led to the demise of former Georgia Senator, Nancy Schaefer. We were both scheduled as keynote speakers in Washington in 2010 but she was a no-show for that reason.

The opportunity to unite now exists in a report I have shared with select members of Congress and its oversight committees. It is a report which also seeks support behind my Supreme Court case, number 18-278, docketed on September 5, 2018. A congressional hearing could alert members to a growing crisis and lead to a comprehensive investigation of corruption exceeding that conducted by the Justice Department in Ferguson, Missouri in 2015 and Operation Greylord in Chicago.

How many more suicides must occur before our government, all three branches, take notice of a growing epidemic in these courts? How many more children must suffer the loss of one or both parents to unchecked parental alienation, lawyer abuses and judge misconduct? How much more domestic violence and family bankruptcies must also occur? When do we finally make a united stand demanding justice and accountability?

The answers to these questions may now be in front of you with the promotion of this report. Unfortunately the trolls are already out in full force. Given some of their bizarre and defamatory commentary, I must conclude that they are hired or influenced by our common enemies who profit from our misfortunes. In one case, a disbarred lawyer acting under another name has now lost his mind after attacking his own radio guests and followers. Most or all quickly defected, and he required psychiatric treatment on a number of occasions. This is what these courts can do to you.

But others “get it.” On the same day, a highly intelligent mom (divorce victim) spent an hour on the phone encouraging me to stay involved. But I can no longer do that without meaningful assistance and financial support. I am asking fellow advocates from around the country to help share my report with members of Congress, the media and any other key contacts. I will e-mail you a copy if a serious commitment is made. You can contact our office, Parenting Rights Institute, at (315) 380-3420.

In a highly listened to radio talk show yesterday, I was lured into a debate with a divorce lawyer who was exposed for many of the abuses detailed in my corruption report. You should treat yourself to it for motivation or entertainment purposes if nothing else. The entire half hour show can be accessed below or by searching WUTQ radio FM 100.7, Talk of the Town: