Operation Turnaround: Parents Unite to Educate Migrants About Losing Their Children in Corrupt Family Courts

Thousands of migrants heading toward our southern border may be convinced peacefully to turn back to countries that still protect parent-child relationships

Parenting Rights Institute

Despite the best efforts of parental advocates to reform a dysfunctional family court system, lawyers on and off the bench continue to block shared parenting laws and demands for judicial accountability.  They have succeeded at protecting a gold mine despite the vast harm inflicted on parent-child relationships for profit.

Now they are prepared to do the same to migrants pressing toward our southern border, illegal immigrants unaware of the corruption that awaits them. Latest reports have one of the migrant caravans leaving Mexico City for Tijuana to storm the entry point known as San Ysidro, just south of San Diego, California.

While still a long way off, perhaps even months from completing their 1,700 mile remaining distance, the Parenting Rights Institute is proposing a series of motorized caravans from around the country to converge near this entry point and convince these people to turnaround. We need to send them back to their native countries where families and parent-child relationships are still respected.

This proposal, still in its infancy, could prevent any violence which might erupt while bringing attention to an epidemic here in the states. Last week, Dr. Leon Koziol, director of Parenting Rights Institute re-visited the offices of the Senate and House judiciary committees for an update on his  latest report hand-delivered to some members personally. He is requesting a federal investigation and hearings to rectify family court corruption and abuses of Title IV-D funding.

The problem, of course, is that our federal government is not well informed on these subjects. Instead it is influenced by powerful special interests to ignore a growing epidemic caused by state destruction of families and parent-child relationships. Until serious protest is demonstrated, it will continue to give greater protection to illegal immigrant parents over American born moms and dads. Such a creative form of protest could convince lawmakers in Washington to take long overdue action.

As expected, the Supreme Court once again refused to take its own action on this growing epidemic. As a result, like education, the state is institutionalizing our children to a level of immorality that can be seen throughout society. As a parent victim and former civil rights attorney, Dr. Koziol had a recent petition for writ docketed by our high court. It sought to challenge abusive custody and support laws with the warning that mass shootings would grow in number due to its neglect of this epidemic.

The tragedies in Pittsburgh and Thousand Oaks, California were among the 12 mass shootings which followed across the country. That is a shocking number in only a few weeks. The last one featured a marine veteran who killed for the sake of boredom. Veterans commit suicide each day for reasons that range from PTSD to child support incarceration (see short video, Purple Heart’s Final Beat, Second Class Citizen.org.).

We must unite and protest the human carnage that faces migrant parents who fear a separation with their children. Unjust separations are occurring all the time here in America without public accountability. A rare CNN documentary which exposes this epidemic, in part, will air at 10 pm on Sunday, November 11, 2018 (“This is Life with Lisa Ling”). Now we need you to help fund and build this counter-movement, Operation Turnaround. You can do so by calling our office at (315) 380-3420, Dr. Koziol personally at (315) 796-4000 or by e-mailing directly at leonkoziol@gmail.com.