Promotional video coming soon to reform divorce and family courts!

ABOVE: Dr. Mario Jimenez of Miami, Florida details the findings of numerous professional studies that show a growing epidemic in our nation’s divorce and family courts. It was presented at a news conference in 2016 sponsored by the Parenting Rights Institute at the steps of the United States Supreme Court in Washington D.C.

BELOW: the script of a professional video which will be published soon and promoted nationally in support of court reform and a march on Washington next year. It is being sponsored by the Parenting Rights Interest to reverse a growing epidemic verified by the report by Dr. Mario Jimenez above. The script will then be edited for commercial use by those who will finance it.

Parents Under Seige: The Lawyer Epidemic

Moms and dads today are facing an epidemic in our nation’s divorce and family courts. Suppressed from public knowledge by special interests and bar associations, this epidemic is harming children, schools and workplaces throughout America.

Meet Leon Koziol, proud parent, dedicated citizen and human rights advocate. He practiced law in trial and appellate courts of New York for more than two decades, obtaining verdicts and judgments against some of the most prominent law firms in the country. His record was unblemished.

Then, in 2010, he took a conscientious stand against his profession after seeing all the harm inflicted upon families in these courts. As a victim himself, he lobbied Congress, filed for precedent before the Supreme Court and even attended conferences at the United Nations. His goal was to reform delicate proceedings where lawyers did not belong, and children were exploited for profit.

The lawyers retaliated, and within weeks of his alarming testimony before the Moreland Commission on Public Corruption, Leon’s daughters were taken despite raising them since birth without incident. He is reminded of it daily at the play areas that have been silent for five years. They also took his licenses, law practice and lifelong reputation, a high price to pay in a country where countless dads sacrifice for our rights overseas only to take their lives after exiting these courts at home.

Now, as founder of the Parenting Rights Institute, Leon Koziol is seeking your support to transform an outdated custody system into a shared parenting model of childrearing. He is hoping to end the carnage for the sake of today’s children and future generations. In this video, you are discovering his vital message, the one being so targeted, censored and discredited by the beneficiaries of these courts.

There are more than 300,000 lawyers in California and New York alone with well over a million in the rest of our country. It’s tripled in the fifty years since Chief Justice Warren Burger predicted that America was turning into, quote, a society overrun by hordes of lawyers, hungry as locusts, and brigades of judges in number never before contemplated. Today, these lawyers need jobs, and the only thing they offer is conflict.

Such lawyers present the worst of allegations, even those known to be false. They know that their own foxes are guarding the chicken coup, so there will be no accountability. They also know that such tactics will infuriate the other side to a point of selling everything to fight back. As the wars escalate, other predators show up; case workers, supervisors and so-called experts dictating how our children should be raised.

Normal parents will react emotionally. That’s when the psychiatrists arrive by court order and without patient consent, armed with addictive drugs to correct some three hundred human disorders accepted for insurance purposes. Experts have labeled it voo-doo science. In Leon’s book, Satan’s Docket, it is a hoax of monumental proportion. In your world, it may destroy your self-confidence at home and at work.

There are no true winners here. Children are caught in the middle, severely alienated, and committed to a life of concealed pain. And you pay for it all through fees and taxes with bankruptcy as a common outcome. Your financial statements gauge just how much is available to keep the lucrative process going. One lawyer describes his clients as “annuity payments.” You’ll find him boasting at the golf course.

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